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We are an important group of brothels with luxury escorts in Barcelona. Our whorehousesin Barcelona have administrative licenses for this type of activity. In our houses of streets:  Muntaner 101, Numancia 12, Rosellón 315, Urgell 150 and Rome 122 you will find the pleasure you are looking for, with total comfort and discretion.

More than 150 company girls offer their services as escorts and escorts in Barcelona in our premises located in the center of the city with rates from € 40.

You can call by phone to book an appointment with a girl and consultations or you can also come directly to the Club you want to have a drink and meet some of the girls that are always available at the club of your choice

Enter the closest address and meet the girls that are waiting for you in our hostess clubs in Barcelona and Mataró..


Where to find us?

You can choose from our 5 brothels in Barcelona:  Muntaner 101 , Numancia 12 , Rosellón 315, Urgell 150, Roma 122 where you will find the pleasure you are looking for, with total comfort and discretion.

Each club offers a careful selection of luxury escorts for a drink, meet girls and give free rein to all your sexual fantasies.

You can also come to the biggest brothel in Barcelona, ​​a few minutes from the city, the Club Calipso in Mataró, with 30 rooms, its own parking and a selection of luxury whores available at all times.

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All the prostitutes and escorts in Barcelona of the Haima clubs are over 18 years old, they offer their services in our 5 nightclubs located in Nova Esquerra Eixample. The escorts do hotel outings, escorts at home, accompaniments to dinners or special events. The escorts live in Barcelona but are of multiple nationalities: latinas call girls, catalan call girls, spanish call girls, russian call girls, east call girls and from where you can imagine. You can find escorts with natural tits or operated breasts, lesbian escorts, threesome escorts, luxury whores, cheap whores, mature whores or whores in our dating houses. The escorts services they offer depend on each other, whores who make oral sex, sado, erotic massages, fetishes, anal sex, striptease, couple escorts, bachelor parties, escorts for women, sexual fantasies, full French, Greek, GFE, orgy, PSE and even copro. Our clubs of alterne are totally discreet in which you will be able to find the pleasure and the morbidity of whores Barcelona.

Sex in Barcelona

From any night to events in Barcelona like the Mobile World Congress many men and women are looking for sex in Barcelona, that's why we choose to give them the best treatment, the best quality in our bars and the most professional escorts from all over the world. All the girls in Haima nightclubs Barcelona practice of their own free will as prostitutes, escorts and luxury whores. Our relax houses will know how to make you feel in a harem of pleasures.

If you are looking for a local escort or an escort for your hotel or home you can call us or get to know our clubs with all the discretion, luxury and pleasure with the best escorts in Barcelona. We are waiting for you!

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The seduction of our whores Barcelona

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All women have an incredible power of seduction, although some may not be able to fully exploit it. Each one of them has something special in her body, in her look or in her personality, which makes them powerful in the face of the weaknesses of sex.

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The best orgasms with our escorts Barcelona

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An orgasm is the climax of a sexual relationship, where there is a pleasant release of the tension accumulated during the whole act. At that moment, extremely pleasant muscle spasms are generated.

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Hair removal for more pleasurable anal sex

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Having anal sex is one of men’s greatest sexual fantasies. This forbidden area, with almost restricted access, makes many people love the idea of trying it.

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Objects to incorporate to sex and enjoy with our whores Barcelona

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Sex toys as such, however, are not the only ones that can bring you pleasure and excitement. In fact, in your daily life you are in contact with objects that you can introduce into your intimate relationships and give them a special touch.