Maintaining sexual relations frequently and culminating in a satisfactory manner, produces many benefits for the body and mind.

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whores barcelona
whores barcelona

In the short term, orgasms offer satisfaction and pleasure and, in the long term, the advantages go further. Reaching the climax once a day or a few times a week will only make your whole body and head better. We indicate some of these benefits:

Your system will be immune: having orgasms with periodicity will increase the antibodies of your body and you will have less infections and colds. It is already known that the best medicine is prevention.

You will be in shape: in each sexual relationship they burn between 100 and 200 calories, the perfect complement to your gym routine.

Your mood will increase: your mood will also enjoy good health and will cause very positive consequences in your day to day personal and work.

Heart of iron: the health of your heart will notice the benefits, since the risks of suffering heart diseases by having sexual intercourse are significantly reduced.

With less stress: your mind will be less stressed due to the segregation of oxytocin and endorphins. These substances, in addition, will help you rest and sleep better during the night.

Your skin like new: as the blood circulates better during orgasm, more oxygen is pumped into the skin and, as a result, it has a better natural look and shine. Forget rejuvenating creams thanks to orgasms!

Analgesic: orgasms have properties against pain thanks, again, to endorphins.

As you can see, the usual sexual relationships and orgasms have great attributes.

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