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The Cuban escorts that make you fall in love

As a lover of women, I have to admit that Latinas are quite loving, but Cuban escorts, apart from being loving, are also dominant, and that is a special kink that many of us like. I have been able to be with several of them and, as a general rule, what stands out most in them is the innate joy that overflows through all the pores of their skin.They are just like I said thanks to their Caribbean blood, which is a mixture of sugar, tobacco, and rum, which allowed them to just live the moment, living it with a lot of passion and joy. A good example is Laura, a 1 meter 68 cm tall Cuban woman with a wasp waist, natural well-formed breasts, and an impressive, natural, and hard butt. I met her at a nightclub and instantly realized that she was a professional sex worker, she was one of the many beautiful Cuban escorts, which made it much easier for me to be with her. After presenting the credentials and negotiating the price, we went to my house. It was a normal Saturday, but without knowing it, it would become one of the most well-remembered Saturday in my recent times.We arrived and when we entered my room, she began teasing me and did not let me do anything, she alone took the initiative, dominating the situation. What happened was extraordinary, so much so that, after finishing, instead of leaving quickly, she stayed with me for what I call “romancing”. Between caresses, pampering, and the occasional massage that I gave her, it crept into my brain and from that moment I was passionate.I was very clear that, in these cases, the one who falls in love loses, but hey, maybe she would come to replace that lack of affection, passion, and sex that I usually have when my loneliness strikes. In the brief moments that she was with me, she would live it to the fullest, because that's what life is about, living good times.So since then, encounters with her have happened very frequently, and I unintentionally became one of the many who fall in love for Cuban escorts, who undoubtedly know what do to you catch your heart.

Brazilian escorts, the favorites of many

A few years ago, to be more exact 9 or 10 years ago, in Barcelona, ​​there was a group of sex professionals who dominated almost the entire market, even influencing large spheres. We are talking about the Brazilian escorts, who, during said period, were the predominant escorts around.Said fact made them be the ones in which the costumers had most access to, but that was not the reason why they loved them so much. There were more factors and characteristics which made them be the best girls around.To begin with, their natural beauty stood out, they had everything you would love from any escort from said country. They had: natural breasts, beautiful faces, cinnamon skin which is in many cases ideal, and big and firm buttocks and legs. There were a couple who had their breasts increased or their body slimmed down, but in general most of them were pretty natural.When it came to dealing with clients, they used to always be very sweet and loving, like good hot Latinas. Their sensual Portuguese hypnotized and seduced you. It was very difficult for you to not to fall into their sensual trap. To top it off, within the services, in general, almost all practiced anal sex, something that all or almost all clients love. So that little barrier that exists in many other sex professionals, with Brazilian escorts, they were part of self-pleasure.I can confess that, back then, I had many adventures with some Brazilians, as when I like an escort, I don't usually go around looking for any others. The 2 or 3 I had at that time can attest to that. I didn't have many encounters with the first one, because she left shortly after being with her. The second, who called herself Sheila, was a tall young woman with long black hair which reached her waist, an angelical face, small natural chest, thick butt and legs, etc. I had weekly meetings with her for 2 years in a row. Every week, I religiously visited her at the place where she worked until she decided to go back to her country. Then I met the third, Juliana, who was the exact opposite: blonde, short, with huge breasts and a fan of anal sex. It was almost like a relationship with her, for almost 5 years, until she went back to her country on vacation and never returned.On my end, I only have good words and experiences with Brazilian escorts, but I know and I have proof of it. Even thousands of clients, at least in those times where the escorts reigned, will be able to say the same.

Venezuelan escorts are making a difference

For some time now, the increase in Venezuelan escorts in the city of Barcelona has been notable. Either because of an economic or political issue, they have chosen Spain to rebuild their lives from the ground up and, of course, earn some money.The well-deserved fame of beauty which have all those who have been born in said Latin American country is undeniable. Just like with Colombian girls, Venezuelan escorts have heart-stopping bodies, either by natural means or thanks to the surgeons who perfected them. Without a doubt, it is a good presentation letter, but that aside, the ones who have long black hair along with an ideal skin color, with the addition of their angelic faces makes many, including myself, fall on their knees from the amazement.Since they are Latin, being affectionate is already in their DNA. Their sensual way of speaking can easily hypnotize you, it is almost impossible to not fall for their charms. That is why even more often they are all occupying a preferential place among the most demanding customers. Becoming a majority in some places, the beautiful young women have been known to differentiate themselves from other professionals, with their talent and their way of being.From the age of 18 and onwards, we can find Venezuelan escorts who have decided to reside in Spain and thus rebuild their lives with many more opportunities than in their native country. Many are nationalized and others, after working as a sex professional for a while, change jobs. But they all have something in common, they make a difference with respect to the rest of groups of young people who are dedicated to paid sex, because of their way of being, their beauty, their sweetness and especially, for all the services they offer, which are the claim of the majority of clients who have gone from being with girls of other nationalities to join the already famous Venezuelans.

My first time with Colombian escorts

I suppose that I also am just one of those men who love curvy women, it is something that I have been passionate for as long as I can remember. I also was the typical guy who went from disco to disco every weekend with the intention of flirting and scoring, which never happened. I spent hour after hour drinking, and nothing, many women went on the loose. In the end I ended up in a bar in the early hours of the morning, talking nonsense and drinking one last drink before going to sleep drunk.So one day I made up my mind and bet on something much safer. Instead of going to the nightclub on duty, I went to one of the trendy hostess places to change my luck, or rather, help it change. It was an instantaneous thing, I approached the bar and on the opposite side, there was her, a young woman, 1.62m tall, with a large chest which was operated but beautiful, a wasp-like waist, a huge butt that was too much for someone with her height but nonetheless it still was the kind of butt I loved, waist-length black hair, and the face of a model. 24 years old, born in Cali, and, most importantly, my first Colombian escorts.She definitely was one of those girls that you only see in movies, but she was in front of me in real life. She called herself Carolina, and we didn't have to talk much, nor did I care, so without saying many words we went to the room and what happened inside marked me for life. From that moment, my stories with Colombian escorts began, of course, all with the same prototype.After that first meeting, many more came. For two years, almost every week we spent time together once or twice, until she decided to go back to her country. I was devastated, but I was craving for more. I immediately began searching for other Colombian escorts in order to replace the first one, who showed me a fantastic world of sex, passion, and a lot of pleasure.

Many rather the Latin escorts of Barcelona

Luckily for all of us who live in Catalonia, if we want to have a relationship with escorts in Barcelona, ​​we can search by country and continent, because there are women from almost every country in the world. There are many nationalities, but without a doubt Latinas predominate. In a matter of taste, everyone has their own, and mine is within that group which rather those born in the entire American continent, from Alaska to Patagonia.I have really tried with girls from other regions, I have had paid sex with Romanians, Russians, Spanish, an Iranian (who was very beautiful by the way and with great curves), an Italian, and even a Chinese (although I didn't like it very much because they are way too thin and do not stand out for being curvy) women and, of course, with many Latinas. They predominate within my activities because, for whatever reason, I love them all.Starting from the basis that I like women with many curves, especially with a big butt (I don't care about the chest size) and most escorts in Barcelona are Latina. Either by genetics or by the surgeon, they have these curvy figures, they are, without doubt, my favorites. The accent, or the manner of treatment influences, since many are rather affectionate and embracing, and I love that. It is not the same if you get one that looks like a robot, cold, and does the job without saying a word or does not move at all during it. A Latina, even if she’s not getting excited or feeling anything from your advances, at least makes you believe that you are the sex bomb or the king of the empire.I have had very good experiences with Colombian, Venezuelan, Cuban, Honduran, Uruguayan, Paraguayan, and Dominican escorts. The most recent was with Luna, a beautiful Venezuelan girl with impressive curves and perfect for my preferences; a large chest and an immense and firm butt. In fact, she is the one that has occupied my sexual hours for months, because after being with her, I did not feel like going with any other. It’s a thing which usually happens, and if you are comfortable, why bother on changing your precious girl.In the case of other escorts in Barcelona lovers, ​​I don't know, but I proudly belong to the group of those who prefer curvy Latinas, why ask for more.

The "Big Tits" escorts in Barcelona are in fashion

For lovers of women with large breasts, we have good news. The escorts in Barcelona with big melons, or also known as the "Big Tits", are becoming more and more affordable.I do not know if it’s because of the current situation, where there are many women without work, or it’s because those who were not advertised now do so without any shame. The truth is that there has been a great increase in sex professionals with large breasts that offer their services.For those who adore the services of "Cuban" or "French ties", their dreams may already come true. Who has not seen some certain video or movie where a girl with big breasts does a good French, and her melons are so big that even the actor's virile member disappears between those two mountains? Well, that is what you can now have with many of the escorts in Barcelona that are being advertised in the main sex portals throughout Spain.This is the case of Luci, a professional who does not clarify the country which she is from, but the truth is what matters the least in this case. In her photos, she looks plump, but with a thin waist, and amazing breasts. Nothing more and nothing less than 230 cm of natural breast, simply impressive, with real images, which honestly qualifies perfectly for a busty MILF porn movie. The positive is that you have it in the city and although it does not say the prices, it is available every day.The more you see those monumental melons, the more things you imagine they can do to, as the mind is very advanced, although many settle for less. In the case of Luci, goes the saying: “The force of attraction of a beautiful woman is stronger than the force of four oxen.”. This girl will take your breath away.Along with her, 80% more advertisements of escorts in Barcelona with large breasts are repeated, and although they do not reach Luci's measure, the fact that they are larger than normal, natural or operated, is a joy for all the senses.So time to go get the "Big Tits" that are already waiting for us.

Blonde VS Brunette Escorts

As the saying goes, "everyone to their own taste". Each one has their own when it comes to having sex, in this case with escorts in Barcelona. There are many who do not have a preference and they do not care about anyone, but when it comes to taste, however it may be, each one has their favorite.If we are going to value their services, it will depend on what each one offers, if what must be valued is personal taste, it would be like the lottery, because not necessarily the one you like may be the best in your job.If we start with blondes, we have as our representative, Sofía, a 23-year-old Argentine girl with a desire to party wildly. Such a short description already draws a lot of attention and scores in her favor. She wants to know and explore everything related to sex and claims to live horny from when she wakes up until she goes to bed, a whole sexual machine. When she broke up with her boyfriend a month ago, she said she is open to everything and without restrictions, that includes all kinds of services, absolutely all. We already have a point for blondes.If we continue with the brunettes, we have as our representative Angie, a very young Colombian who from the outset proposes you to be boyfriends and make you spend unforgettable moments with great pleasure, either with passionate tongue kisses or with a good salivated French until the end. As we can see, the Colombian puts you from 0 to 100 in just seconds, she is really a champion, she does not mess around and she goes all in from the first moment. On the other hand, she has many more curves, which tips the balance to her side. So we have a point for brunettes.Looking for the tiebreaker, for the blondes we have Melissa, a 20-year-old girl with a great body and her 130 cm breasts that does not let you look anywhere else other than those huge, firm, natural and well-standing melons. She defines herself as a very orgasmic escorts in Barcelona. Imagine, a woman who is constantly ready and looking at the stars, this gets good. She tells us that she loves parties and that she does not say the services, because she has no limits; she does not have a list, you just have to ask and you will be pleased. Her young age, sympathy, and daring personality, makes that after meeting her you cannot stop thinking about her. And there we already have a point for blondes.Taking this into account and looking at what Kym offers, opponent and representative of the brunettes, I think that in this case the blondes have won this fight between these two groups of escorts in Barcelona. We will see in a future tournament if the brunettes prevail.

In the variety is the taste with the escorts in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan in the world, in its streets we can find people of all nationalities. The same happens with the young escorts in Barcelona who work every day in the oldest profession in the world. National ones aside, there are from all over the globe. Although, like everything, some stand out more than others, but if you search well, you will find the ones from the country which you want.If we start browsing the sex portals and pages we have thousands of examples. The ones that predominate the most are undoubtedly Latinas, followed by European women including Spanish women, then Asians, Africans, and Arabs among others.Among the top escorts in Barcelona positions, we find Carolina, a super beautiful 26-year-old Colombian who is very affectionate with a lot of sensuality and desire to fulfill all your fantasies. She is particular, very morbid, horny, funny and hygienic. Her services include a good natural French, deep throat, kisses, caresses, erotic massages, Cuban, 69, French to the end, golden shower, posturing, parties. She adds that she will do anything in her bed.We also have Thais, a 20-year-old Spanish girl, studious, and very cuddly. She loves massages with great affection. She is very sweet and is not used to this profession, so she asks that we treat her as naturally, just like couples, with kisses, natural French, erotic massages, etc. Wow, a little of everything, although it is not considered professional.An interesting combination is Amalia’s, a Russian-Asian girl who combines two continents, Europe and Asia, in one person. Young and pretty and vicious, she is a professional full of sensuality and eroticism, a discreet woman with a capacity for seduction that you will not be able to resist, she likes caresses and a natural French. All kinds of postures, fantasies, deep Greek, massages, 69, everything to enjoy the moment and bring you the best erotic memory of your life.As you can see in these three simple examples, we have absolutely everything, for many tastes, something that sometimes makes us doubt which of all the escorts in Barcelona we can decide with. Certainly something very difficult.

"Hot young girls", the new escorts in Barcelona

Taking a tour through the sex portals, I have noticed that there’s been a very considerable increase in advertisements for independent escorts in Barcelona in private flats, especially young women who for, whatever reason, offer their sexual services as a way to survive during these moments where nightclubs or brothels, discos, and nightlife are suspended.The surprising thing is that they mostly are very young, and of all nationalities. Latinas stand out the most, but there are also Spanish and European escorts.An example of these ads of these escorts in Barcelona is Laura, a young Colombian woman of only 21 years old, who has been in the city for a very short time. In the photos of her ad you can observe that she has a fine and delicious little body, thin, with a hard and round butt, natural breasts, and a very soft skin that will surely make you feel new sensations as you caringly and carefully run your hands on it. She is willing to satisfy all of your desires. She is a very involved, affectionate, vicious, sensual, and dedicated young lady, with the passion and uncontrollable energy of her youth. You will not be satisfied with just imagining what it would be like to spend some time with her, she invites you to pay her a visit and will leave you wanting to see her again.Nicol’s ad is also a sight to behold, an 18-year-old Venezuelan blonde who is always totally ready to please the most intimate fantasies the way you mostly deserve it. She offers you a rich oral, erotic shower, any sex position, that you want, erotic massage, and she will treat you as if you were her boyfriend; she also is willing to do oral sex and mutual masturbation if you prefer. She defines herself as 100% involved, a nymphomaniac, and with a love to be eaten out until she cums. Affectionate, accommodating, and very morbid, she invites you to meet her since she has no limits in sex. One of the most interesting things about Nicol is that she makes trips to all of Barcelona and its surroundings.Another more demanding ad is Andrea’s, a very young Latina which is only for the highly demanding gentlemen… She is a daring, sexual, natural, and passionate woman with curves, where you will want to lose yourself, with a body chiseled for pleasure. She loves men who, like her, have clear ideas and know what they want. If you are like that and you dare to play with her fire, she invites you to walk through her hells. You both will share - she assures - the true meaning of lust. Andrea promises that your most secret fantasies can come true with her. Besides being the ideal lover, she guarantees that a party would be brutal with her.As we can see, the youth has been stomping and the escorts in Barcelona are not even considering stopping working, they will keep fighting on no matter the situation or virus which they might encounter.

Twitter and the escorts in Barcelona

On other occasions we have talked about the social networks which are in fashion and used by the escorts in Barcelona and other professionals within the sector around the world. Right now, the social network with the blue bird, Twitter, is booming.Unlike all other networks, in Twitter, every user can publish both censored and uncensored images and videos, whether of a pornographic, sexual, or erotic nature or whatever. Every account has the option of activating or not potentially sensitive multimedia content, so you can enjoy everything that these publications offer and choose whether or not to consume it. It’s in there where the escorts in Barcelona have a good platform, and, of course, the publication carries some images, the images have a message, and the message has a telephone or other means of getting in contact with the escort, thus connecting with the preferred professionals.Many combine it with the ads on sex portals which, due to nightlife being restricted again, have had their posts and ads increase by those professionals who work in flats or renting rooms, which many individuals have made available. Twitter has become a useful and powerful tool for independent escorts, because unlike in sex portals, they are directly in contact with potential clients who are seeking for some fun on this social network. With profiles and photos of them, they can find more information regarding the escort, unlike in online hook-up portalsBeing able to see all uncensored sexual content is undoubtedly what makes Twitter so popular and makes it different from the others, it is not the same to read a text that may or may not be hotter than seeing it together with images or videos rather than with suggestive content. For that and for many more reasons, escorts in Barcelona now prefer the social network of the blue bird.

Cuban party with two escorts in Barcelona

The Caribbean is always in fashion, especially during summer, as it’s when the warm temperatures encourage you to go to the beach and spend the day sunbathing on the sand with the occasional cocktail. Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and other islands within the Caribbean are the dream destinations. I, of course, have wanted to go on vacation to one of those islands without hesitation, but between the coronavirus, the lockdown, limited airports, and everything that entails going in these times of travel, with sanitary regulations and quarantines, the truth is that it really makes you not want to go anywhere and just stay home.And then I thought "if it is also hot in the city, there are beaches which I could go to, so the only thing I would need is to interact with people from one of those islands", and when I went online and I saw an advertisement of some escorts in Barcelona of Cuban nationality that promised a high-altitude party. I did not hesitate, I called and I directly went to the place where these two Cuban girls were already waiting for me.When I arrived, between the greetings of "Hello Daddy" and how affectionate they were, my mind flew to Cuba and I was about to have a great Caribbean party in the middle of the Mediterranean.Once everything had been discussed, I went in with the two Cuban women who were sisters, to be more morbid, which as you may know is anyone’s biggest dreams. When we got into the room, between caresses, gentle touches, and others, it was like the song of “Gente de Zona” said: “se formó la gozadera ” (the enjoyment began). Imagine two passionate escorts in Barcelona, ​​sisters, confidants, complacent and super playful. They even made me forget my name and between pleasures, sex, and the occasional drink, I set up a party at supersonic levels.The details of what happened with the two escorts in Barcelona in the room I reserve for myself, but what is clear is that I no longer need to go to the Caribbean for the time being.

The clients rather the escorts in Barcelona to be like this

Many lovers of sex and pleasure with the escorts in Barcelona seek for, not only what they cannot find in their own home, but also for the ideal woman. Escorts which are beautiful, active, loving, sexual, as much as they can try.On one hand, they are sold as such. On the other hand, they sometimes fail to meet expectations due to false advertising, but that does not tend to be a big problem. Of course, the hook is in their ads or when explaining their services.They sell themselves as spectacular women, full of sensuality, charisma, and morbid. With them, you would enjoy a lot of sex, caresses, hugs, couple treatment, natural French, postures, and many more services that you have only had or experienced in your wildest dreams.They make you believe that you still do not know them thoroughly, but they assure you that if you go for them, you will enjoy it in a big way, making all of this worth it, as you will experience real luxury.They also hope that you are up to the task and that you arrive with all the strength and passion that you are looking for in your lovers. The escorts in Barcelona will provide you with what you need, that's for sure. From your first encounter, they will be delighted to satisfy you like no other has done until now, so you can live unforgettable moments with them.They assure you that will feel a very special connection, because any moment of pure lust will be special and intense, without taboos and without fear. This and many other adjectives are the way that professionals try to attract those desirous to pay for sex.Many achieve to lure in someone, and when it comes to the moment of truth, the client will assess whether they lived up to what they promised. If they experienced the contrary of what was being advertised, then is certain that they will not return ever again. Such bad experience can be a big problem, as they can inadvertently create doubts about the rest of the escorts in Barcelona who do offer what they promise and often exceed it.

Whores in Barcelona are throwing parties at their houses

Due to nocturnal activities being suspended once more in Barcelona, people are craving for some action and for wild parties even more. If they cannot do it in discos and venues, they will do it in their private flats. Of course this increases the risk of contagion much more, since sanitary measures are almost never taken into account if you are enjoying yourself at home.Whores in Barcelona who have had to go to work in flats or in their own homes organize parties in their own house out of boredom between friends or acquaintances, they do everything.Proof of this was last night, I was calm at home minding my own business when a friend, who is, of course, one of the greatest whores in Barcelona, writes me through WhatsApp. She told me that she was bored and sexually aroused and that she wanted to party to the fullest. She begged me to go to her house to remove the fever she had and that she wanted to have sex with more people. She was so lustful that she wanted to have a full-blown orgy. As I am more traditional and do not like this hodgepodge, I declined the invitation, although I recognize that the offer was very tempting, especially because in the state of endless lust which she was in, but think about the following: she’s eager for sex and a wild party, alone in her house, with the desire to do it at the same time with more than one person. None of the people invited would be thinking about the Coronavirus or anything like that. Who would control that no one is infected? I think no one would have the clarity to check such things in a hot situation like this one.I simply did not go, but I do not think she was alone that night, as the list of possible guests is pretty long and she was going to have a party no matter what.And that's what I keep saying, that in a place with all the appropriate measures and all the conditions there would not be any risk of spreading the virus, allowing anyone to have as many parties as they want with the whores in Barcelona, but who puts the bell on the cat?...www.

The duplex with escorts in Barcelona that everyone desires

Who has not dreamed about having a four-handed encounter with two girls at the same time. Whether you are a whore lover or not, every man has wanted to be with two women and have sex. Imagine, all double. This for many is a reality and for you it can also be, as long as you pay for two escorts in Barcelona who will undoubtedly be more than willing.You only have to give it a thought, they would be two united fantasies, one girl with the role of masseuse fully relaxing your body and the other in escort mode for your complete sexual whims. A glass of champagne with massage and sex together where both girls take turns. You can certainly have hours of relaxation and pleasure without limits.All these escorts in Barcelona who practice this service only do so only for your delight, relaxation, or sexual desire. Everything would continue in the following way: while one gives you a “body-body”, sliding naked all over your body with her Kamasutra movements in very different postures, the other professional with her mouth would give you a natural French, well salivated that would please you without limit. Finishing, of course, in her mouth or the part of her body that more morbid gives you.Sex and massage are the perfect combination; you can have an interactive massage with both girls while have sex with them as much as you want. Another idea would be having a massage and a foamy erotic shower at the same time, making all three be in a bathtub. These escorts in Barcelona are able to make you disconnect with their hands and have sex in the shower in an unforgettable way.Without a doubt, anyone would have fun trying a new sexual sensory experience. If with one girl you can get to paradise, what do you think that will happen with two specialists who mix sensations, passions, old relationship techniques, and everything so it results into an explosive cocktail that you will surely never forget. As soon as I get enough money, I will definitely go for two professionals like these to take me to a higher level.

Whores in Barcelona once more in confinement

Since last Saturday, by order of the authorities in Catalonia, we have returned to phase 2 because of the CoViD-19. Due to a very bad management, the city of Barcelona has to close again its cinemas, theaters, nightclubs, penthouses and everything that falls under leisure. In almost a month where the economy was improving in recovery mode, for a few hundred cases - which is more than foreseeable, as they were assumed that they’d show up - the regional government decided to affect this important sector in this city, which is a leader in it. Of course, the whores in Barcelona are one of the most affected, because we already know that they have no aid, ERTE (temporal layoff), or anything like that.On the other hand, Madrid, with another party and government, with very different interests, continues in its new normality, with everything working and healing its economy. There are some cases of coronavirus, but that will never disappear, even if the vaccine is ready by tomorrow, but unlike Barcelona, they know how to do things better.If with these measures they expect the regrowth to calm down, then they will achieve nothing, as people will begin looking for alternatives. They will not go to the discotheques; they will organize their private parties or botellones instead. They will not be able to go to clubs or premises at night, but they will go to private flats, because after three months, people are not willing to lock themselves up again. And on this point I want to emphasize. If they tried to avoid the transmissions by closing the premises, in reality they are achieving the opposite, because in the clubs, as well as in the Haima premises, there are doormen checking that the clients comply with the sanitary measures before entering the premises. Inside, they take your temperature and the hand gel is mandatory, and of course, there are enough masks and a pack of sanitized sheets to use in each service.Do you think that in the private apartments in which the whores in Barcelona have had to go to in order to work, while barely having any money to spend of food, are going to take any of the aforementioned measures or are they going to be changing sheets in each service? The answer is a resounding no, and by doing that they are causing more infections, because people will continue to visit whores in Barcelona for their benefits and these same sex professionals will continue working to survive.

Instagram, source of resources for some escorts in Barcelona

Many escorts in Barcelona, especially the independent ones, due to security or privacy concerns or because they simply want to hide their ID from their family, couples, and the world in general, use photos of other girls which do not work in the same field when posting ads about their services, sometimes even from girls which are not even in the country; -the farther the better. These images used to be models of magazines such as Playboy, FHM, Shock Magazine, Penhouse, Interviú, among others of that style. Currently, due to some of them no longer showing up or not looking as credible, they have chosen to download and use photos from the social networks. The favorite amongst them is Instagram.On Instagram, millions of young and beautiful girls publish their daily tasks and routines, from when they wake up to until they go to bed, giving graphic details of their entire day. Being spontaneous images and not for magazines, the fact that they take selfies, posing in front of the mirror, in their beds, houses, streets, cars, or any other place, gives them a certain truth. These images - in some cases with their faces covered - are used by escorts in Barcelona and many pass the cotton test.You will get surprised when you see some of those images in an advertisement, in where they also claim to be real - they don't lie as there are real photos but they just are not the girls that are being advertised - and suddenly go to Instagram and discover those same photos are from a normal model or girl who lives in Latin America and who has never set foot in the city of Barcelona, let alone Spain.The global system that is the Internet does not hide these falsehoods, and as happened with the magazines a few years ago, Instagram will increasingly stop serving them as a source of usurpation of identities, because it is easier to denounce.So those escorts in Barcelona who are still trying to deceive clients to attract their attention with fake photos are already being exposed by the social networks themselves. 

The escorts in Barcelona are happier than ever

It is easy to notice that we have gone through the lockdown phases and that the new normality is in the premises and clubs of Barcelona. The escorts in Barcelona are gradually returning to their usual places or workplaces. Working again just like they used to before the lockdown and adding hygiene measures is making them much happier. These months were a hard test for the escorts and clients of how reality and everyday life can change in the blink of an eye.Being able to work and earn some money again is priceless. It is assumed that their workload will increase over time and the clients who are still somewhat fearful will relax and come back for them. Each new or old client who comes to them is more than welcome, and thanks to the bitter experience we just lived, it has turned them into even better professionals than before, because if previously they used to treat their clients normally, now they will be pampered as if they were the sheikhs from Arabia.The joy of being able to work is remarkable in the escorts in Barcelona and every day more and more are incorporated, including those who did not do so before and now seek a quick exit in this profession.Contrary to what many had thought, the number of escorts in Barcelona working have increased, although, now those who are outside of Spain have it a little more difficult, as entry to Spain or departure from their countries is limited. Those who did not leave and preferred to stay to spend the confinement in Spain, now are happy and content to have returned to their daily work and are earning money, perhaps not as much as before, but to at least be able to cover their basic needs.

A new summer for the Escorts in Barcelona

We are already in summer and the heat shows the season, but like confinement, it is a new summer. It is not so different from the rest, but it has its peculiarities. The Haima clubs are already open. The escorts in Barcelona within the clubs comply with the mandatory sanitary measures. This, although nobody had foreseen it, has fitted in very well in this new reality without any problems; the girls put into practice these measures and the recommended distance.The sudden influx of the clients is being noticed, and many of the regulars are returning. Also, the escorts in Barcelona are coming back. Many had to find their way out in private apartments or in their own apartments, some prefer at the moment to continue where they currently are, but slowly but steady, they will start coming back. The security and expenses they can have inside a club is not comparable to what they would have by working from home.Those who are already there, are undoubtedly taking advantage of the arrivals of those who come to the clubs out of desire or curiosity. They all are working with less burden as they previously had thought. There are those who, of course, will not let you leave without at least enjoying something from them. To avoid someone’s departure with a happy ending, they literally invite you to "leave your milk in the club and not take it anywhere else".Masks are available for all clients and girls. The disinfectant gel is present throughout the premises and its use is compulsory, you will not be able to get rid of the electronic thermometer if you want to be inside; the prudential distance is already an ordinance. As a matter of prevention of the coronavirus, all premises are covered.You just have to arrive, feel at home, and enjoy together with the escorts in Barcelona what you have missed so much in these months and surely you deserve well.