News about Sex and Escorts in Barcelona

Passion for an escort in Barcelona

As a lover of beautiful women and especially of sex professionals, since I have been surfing the internet looking for dates for a long time, I feel an immense desire to be able to meet an escort in Barcelona in particular. Currently she calls herself Amanda, -although she has had several names, all nom de guerre, of course- but the most important thing is that she always uses the same images and if they match reality, the truth is that she is the woman of my dreams and the of many. She describes herself as an organized girl and offers a totally relaxing unforgettable encounter. She also offers the possibility of having a few drinks, a white party or whatever you want or need. From what she can see, she, too, is going strong and to me the more sugarcane, the better. In old ads she always appeared alone in her apartment, the typical independent escort in Barcelona, ​​but currently she also does it with a friend, who is very good to see, which entails some services such as threesomes, duplexes, lesbians, etc. If she already puts me to the top just like that, imagine two of the same prototype, without a doubt a fantasy at another level. Returning to Amanda that she is the one who occupies me with hours of thought, I am now ready to have that meeting that I have wanted so much and that I want to make come true. I hope that when I get to the appointment I find a young woman at least similar to the one in the photos on the internet, otherwise it would be disappointing. My intuition tells me that it will be an accepted choice and if she does everything she advertises she will become the preferred escort in Barcelona. Time will have the last word and of course I will tell everyone how it went in this new rather passionate adventure. 

I meet again with my favorite escort in Barcelona

Yesterday was one of those days when you wake up wanting to have a good meeting or date with a girl and have sex. As I am "more alone than Una" I had to go online to look for an escort in Barcelona. Lately they have become my girlfriends by the hour and although I am not one of those who usually vary, I do have to adapt to what is available and more in these times of pandemic. So I entered one of the most important portals for escorts in Barcelona and my greater surprise was when I found one of my ex-girlfriends for hours, she was nothing more and nothing less than Fernanda, a super beautiful Venezuelan that I met in one of the premises of Haima and now due to the situation he is working as a freelancer in a flat. I called her instantly, on the phone that came in the announcement and she answered me, when she heard my voice she was very happy to hear me and to know that I wanted a date with her, - of course the joy I do not think is because of me, rather for what I would have to pay- but hey, once I knew the new rates and that his services with me would be the same as always, I got down to work and went to shower. Look for a new brief, as well as clothes to give a good image, the best perfume I have, and since I am a gentleman and a romantic one of the few left on the way, I bought him a flower and I took it as a present and a souvenir of that gift. meeting. During all those hours of that magical appointment, my favorite escort in Barcelona, ​​was once again that girlfriend for hours that pleases you and makes you happy, and that is what life is about, they say, no, of small moments and details. So I already have a way to continue living those moments and with whom in those appointments for hours. 

A very hot meeting with an escort in Barcelona

The day came when I really couldn't bear the urge to fuck anymore, and as it is already a custom or rather the only option, I entered the contact pages and started looking for an escort in Barcelona that would suit me. I liked it, since as I played, I was going to have the luxury of having a good time no matter what it cost. I entered one of the best-known portals and there was the ideal of my thoughts, a Venezuelan with impressive curves with big and beautiful breasts (manufactured but it does not matter) and an ass that goes without saying, with a small waist and with a face of doll. I called her of course and in 45 minutes she was already ringing her doorbell. Her name Natasha de ella, about 24 years old, well let's get back to it, she opened me up very kind and smiling and invited me to come into the room. From what I could see she is a very clean girl and she invited me to take a shower. After it, she knelt in front of the bed and began with a luxurious natural French, always looking me in the eyes and in a sensual plan with her fleshy and soft lips. Apparently as an escort in Barcelona, ​​she already had the time measured and stopped to go to bed to continue the task, she let me taste her big breasts and with great delicacy I could taste them. From there we started the normal intercourse with the typical missionary, but I couldn't finish without seeing his big butt in front of me, so we went to the doggy position and in four I continued with those big buttocks hitting me, with a lot of enthusiasm to finish the work on her breasts without any problem. After another shower, some goodbye kisses and caresses and I went home very satisfied. Of course, I already marked my next appointment with her, because without a doubt an escort in Barcelona as she had not found and why look for more of her? 

Dreams with escorts in Barcelona and realities

Our dreams sometimes tell us what our body really needs and much more in these times when everything is so complicated. Without asking or wanting it, we dream of things that we had not even imagined when we were awake. I do not know if this is due to some reflection of lack or desires, but the reality is that in many of these dreams one would never want to leave. Dreams can place you in places that you have never visited and perhaps your subconscious tells you where you should go, others can be so real that you will wake up confused without knowing in what time and moment you are living. I usually dream of beautiful girls, especially escorts in Barcelona, ​​who most of the time I invent them and other times I relive past moments and encounters. Of course, these sex workers are all my prototype of a woman and I suppose that my mind looks for the one that best suits my tastes, but as much as I dream, reality is more than fiction. Every time I go on the internet in search of future sexual dates, I see impressive escorts in Barcelona, ​​-discarding those that use false photos- these girls whose images are 100% real, it would be very difficult to find them in my most demanding dreams. Brunettes, blondes, with bodies, curves and faces that make you fall in love, are within reach of my reality. Of course it is passion upon payment and for a limited time, but available, and with all the guarantees that the meetings will be very satisfactory. They are professionals who make you feel as if you have known them all your life and who are very easy to fall in love with, that is why you have to retain feelings to be able to handle the situation much better. No matter how much you dream of an ideal or perfect girl, there will always be an escort in Barcelona in real life who can overcome her. Don't forget it and take note!

Escorts in Barcelona are still in fashion

After the hangover of some for Valentine's Day, -without a doubt fortunate, where said group I did not enter- it is time to return to normality and singles like me continue in the search for that company that complements you. In this current pandemic situation, it is very difficult to find a partner, at least in the normal ways. With bars, discotheques and closed meeting places it is difficult to flirt and although many are pointing to the new trend of flirting in supermarkets, I do not think that between onions, potatoes, and tomatoes I will achieve anything. That is why we have what never goes out of style, and they are the escorts in Barcelona, ​​those substitute brides who never fail you and are always available, and since there are so many because you never have the option of getting bored, one always appears that dazzles you, as it was. the case of Celia, an impressive Catalan blonde, from the best model magazines, but very real, -beautiful women also need to eat- and with this crisis it is very difficult to depend on your partner, so take advantage of this unique opportunity and the contact. If the photos are beautiful, listening to her voice was more, I do not doubt that she has hundreds of lovers on the waiting list and it is not a joke, unlike many escorts in Barcelona, ​​Celia works with an agenda and with previous appointments, since there are many who want it.So I asked for mine and he gave me the option for today at 6:00 p.m. or tomorrow at 12:00 a.m. and opt for today and thus get rid of doubts, because if everything you put in your ad is true, the truth it is that I believe that I will occupy many hours, in many days of many months. And so in this way, thanks to the escorts in Barcelona, ​​I will be able to celebrate a Valentine's Day after with a magazine “substitute girlfriend”. 

Passion for Argentine escorts

I have to confess, more than anything to be good with myself, that a prototype of a woman that I love is that of the Argentines. That mixture of Latin with European, many with Italian surnames, and those well-turned bodies, makes them stand out a lot. And what to say about the accent or way of speaking, that way of pronouncing the words half hypnotizes you, envelops you and it was just what happened to me very recently with a girl from that country. It turns out that wanting to go out and wanting to have sex, because between the curfew, everything closed and no social life, the moment comes when you explode and before that, I enter the internet and one of those famous portals, I discover Belén, one of the most spectacular Argentine escorts in all of Barcelona. She is blonde, tall with a powerful body and legs, a huge butt and normal natural breasts, not so big but just the right size. Only 21 years old, according to her student and amateur, although the truth, she beats many who have the title of professionals. Taking advantage of the fact that her roommates were traveling, the powerful blonde offers her services, joining the other Argentine escorts, privately and independently. She surprised me, a lot with the closeness and passion that she put into all of her, playing with her green eyes that penetrated you to the soul. Well, what else can I say, of all the professionals, one of the Argentine escorts who live in Barcelona gave me all her passion and I was surrendered at her feet. Of course this is just the beginning of what could be a long-term, let's say "professional" relationship. Most likely, I will tell you much more about this impressive woman very soon. 

Lovers of whores and escorts in Barcelona

Having sex with whores and escorts in Barcelona is a practice that many enjoy and especially prefer. Being a regular customer of professionals is also very common. Keep in mind that they are still intimate relationships and in many cases clients find in them much more than just sex or passion. You can fall in love without realizing it, especially if the services are absolutely to your liking. But just like clients, whores and escorts in Barcelona also have feelings and many have boyfriends, or husbands, who in some cases were first clients. And is that if you like something, the smartest thing is to keep it and just as they provide their services they also receive sensations from customers and much more. If you are able to conquer them with good sex and other strategies, you could become their lovers, nothing prevents it, based on the fact that they are not robots, they are human beings exactly like you, with desires, feelings and passions, who also desire to receive. But you have to be objective in this, being a lover of these professionals is not easy at all, it is all for them to decide, but it is not impossible. And as it happens with women who are not in this profession, who have their lovers and furtive outings, whores and escorts in Barcelona can also have their extra work adventures with whoever they want. There are some who have their partners and in their private lives they enjoy them as true lovers, giving themselves without limits and enjoying all the pleasures that sex offers, being she who receives them like any other mortal being. I always vote in favor of whether they are professionals or not, everyone has the freedom to have their intimate and more personal relationships with whoever they want and when they want. 

Secrets of Latin escorts in Barcelona

As in every profession, Latin escorts in Barcelona also have their tricks to be one of the favorites among clients and regulars of sex. Whether in a physical or mental way, each specialty has its secrets and in the case of Latin escorts in Barcelona, ​​seduction and sensuality play a leading role. It is known to all that Latin women, either because of the same mixture of races, because of the high temperatures that exist in these countries, or because of a matter of idiosyncrasy, the truth is that they know how to penetrate much more in the depths of preference. and customer feelings. Another factor to play is the accents, which depending on each country or region are more or less melodious, but without a doubt they sweeten you or at least trap you. Always treating you like you were her boyfriend of a lifetime. And that's another secret, they never treat clients as strangers -which is really what they are-, and the client from the first minute has the feeling of knowing her for a lifetime, without ever having seen her before. It only remains to evaluate which country is more mellow than another, for example, Colombians are quite mellow, then perhaps Venezuelans, Brazilians, the Caribbean, and then those from the rest of South America will follow. Fundamental secret is that they perform almost all the services, the goal; not lose a potential customer, although like everything, those special services still cost a little more. These secrets make the other sex professionals try to imitate these attitudes and thus enter into the options that clients who love Latin escorts in Barcelona always look for and for those they are preferred, although as we all know, each one has their own pleasures.

I fell in love with a Canarian escort

In the years that I lived on the island of Gran Canarias, I was able to verify first-hand that the women of those islands, also called “Canarionas”, are among the most beautiful in all of Spain, proof of this are some misses that have represented the patio national in beauty pageants. One of the things that I miss the most in those parts, is precisely the way of being of Canarian women, who are the perfect mixture of Latin and European.What was my surprise when browsing the internet from Barcelona, ​​I found an ad for Fernanda, a spectacular young Canarian escort, with a beauty never seen before. What surprised me the most was the description of your ad that if it is true, it would be the dream of a lifetime come true.She points out in her claim to attract clients that she is a 25-year-old Canarian escort, super horny and she loves anal sex - just with this little phrase, she conquers the entire universe and beyond, we continue-, She says that the "French" She makes it natural - that is, bareback - playing with the milk in her little mouth, she also likes deep throats. She defines herself as a girl of stronger sex, which turns her on and drives her crazy.Something that she does not specify but that in her photos shows very well, are her large natural breasts with that space between breast and breast, ideal for a perfect "Cuban", or an unforgettable "French tie". Your nipples are sure to be more powerful than any other force of nature.And to top it off, emulating women from other times, she doesn't wax and the pubis is covered in beautiful blacks, very rare to see in these times, when almost all professionals don't have them, which she says is the most natural of all.I already wrote to him and he guaranteed that his photos are real and that it is the same that appears in the advertisement, so I am already saying goodbye, because I can confess that I have fallen in love with a Canarian escort, who I will go to conquer right now.

Dreaming every day of Colombian whores

At bedtime, there is nothing better than dreaming of pleasant things, so that at least in those hours we forget all this crisis and the great economic disasters that it is costing us. So my infallible method is to dream of the best Colombian whores I have ever met, been with, or would like to be with.That's why before going to bed I go online and check the ads of all the Colombian whores who are very good, to remember those already known or write down the new ones that are yet to be seen.The offer is really very wide, you just have to fix your search and hundreds of women come out, almost all of them impressive, with good curves and angelic faces. An example of this is Sara, a 20-year-old Colombian, with whom I was able to be not long ago and what characterizes her the most is how multi-orgasmic she turns out to be, with an immense butt, with which she prefers that you please her with a good " Greek ”and a face impossible to forget.There is also Cameron, beautiful and statuesque with large operated breasts, her ideal curves and a large and ideal mouth for the "French" she does, it really is her greatest weapon and the one she uses a lot. Then I discovered Estrella, that although I do not know her, if I would like to merge with her in what sex and passion are about, with a beautiful face, a body with perfect curves, lover of oral and anal sex, partying at the top and the best of everything, which claims to be available 24 hours a day, so with it there are no time problems.And in the end, in order to dream beautifully, I found Lulú, the sweetest and hottest of Colombian whores, with curves that scare you and very complete in all her services. As you can see, I already have enough information to be able to have a good dream, and above all very pleasant with spectacular women that I already know and with the new ones that it will not take me long to meet and make my dream come true.

Celebrating my birthday with the escorts in Barcelona

Celebrating one's birthday and especially in these times of pandemic, the truth is that it becomes a bit complicated, but despite the adversity, I did not want to ignore this date, so since everything is closed and I could not celebrate it anywhere place, I decided that this year would be different and better. So I went online to one of the sex portals and started looking for the escorts in Barcelona that I would like the most, to make an appointment and celebrate it in a big way.The first one that caught my attention was Lila, a Dominican brunette with huge breasts and butt and an incredible morbid face, she defines herself as an exuberant and busty young woman and at least her photos reflected that. Then I found Camila, a luxury Colombian with a heart attack ass and with the possibility of doing Greek without limits and throwing a good party, honestly a very good option.In order not to get the first impressions of these escorts in Barcelona, ​​I continued looking and saw Diana, a divine Venezuelan, with a spectacular body, with such a sweet face and long hair to the waist, ideal to have her as a girlfriend or even as a wife , only 20 years old and a massage specialist, she actually has it all, but I didn't stop there. I went further and discovered Nancy, an Arab escort, but with a Latina body and a deadly butt, with the typical angelic face of Arabs and eyes like Persians that hypnotize you, very beautiful, but I continued and when I thought that I had seen the most powerful, the finalists appeared.It was to see Alejandra and right there the level shot up, much better than the super models or pornstars who only appear in movies, a blonde with a great body, a huge butt, an expert in giving pleasure and pure vice, a specialist in anal sex, and in everything you want. I was about to call when I accidentally saw the one that left me paralyzed, Carolina, another Colombian who has no description, goddesses and angels are insignificant in the face of so much beauty in one body and I didn't think about it anymore. I already had a winner and in the end the thing remained in Colombia.More than convinced of spending my birthday with escorts in Barcelona, ​​I called to see if Camila accepted my only condition, which was to be with her all the hours of the curfew, from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., so A voice from another dimension answered me and not only confirmed my condition but also gave me two more hours if I wanted it that way, what else can I tell you. I left my house like a bullet, and now I am back after spending the best birthday in the universe.

The unique style of Cuban escorts

If we are going to make a statistic of the number of sex professionals in Barcelona, ​​the group of Cuban escorts is among the most numerous, but without a doubt with their unique style, they stand out above others. You have to start from the base that women from this Caribbean country are happy, very active and warriors, it is better to always be good with them, because at the minimum they already impose their character, and the same thing happens with Cuban escorts.They are usually very launched, almost always perform all the services and when setting up the party without a doubt they are the absolute protagonists. An example of this is Dayamí, a young woman from Havana, with immense breasts and a huge butt, without a doubt her curves covered all my angles of vision. Just seeing her walk with that marked cadence and her big buttocks moving at a pace from one side to the other, you are left in shock and you start to wonder if you can really dominate such a woman.And so it was in my meeting with her, just seeing her in lingerie, my ears fumed, and when she undressed, what to say, the pulsations increased. Her big mouth and full lips, took me to a level that I did not know, and then riding on that body, it was undoubtedly a task worthy of the best cowboys. I leave the most intimate details to the imagination, but with the certainty that they could not recreate them, because with her unique style and her overflowing sensuality, she raised the prestige of all Cuban escorts to the first places.Needless to say, after her I no longer need to look for anyone and every week or every moment that I can, her phone receives my calls to relive again and again those moments that only she can provide.

Whores in Barcelona evolve

With all this of the COVID-19 and the restrictions, that if a few months confined, later, a new normal, followed by measures that restrict mobility, the result is, that of so much instability, the whores in Barcelona, ​​who do not have help, nor do they depend on any stable release, they have had to evolve and adapt to these times, marked by a pandemic and by the governments that apply their measures to try to establish the virus.For all this, sex professionals have had to resort to different options, no longer so conventional, such as video calls, or video chats, and encounters with maximum protection.As the hostess and clubs are closed, and not being able to be doing the streets, the whores in Barcelona have had to locate in rented apartments, where several girls perform their services and with this they earn their daily bread and Of course, clients who love sex can have their moments of relaxation and satisfaction. There are some who simply rent rooms by the hour every time they have a client and others prefer from their homes through their electronic devices to show and display themselves on the webcam.The question is nothing more than providing a service to all its customers in different ways, with the new measures that are imposed due to the current situation. Without declining or lowering the level in terms of work, on the contrary, it is time to conquer and keep clients well active to guarantee their return, since competition has increased considerably.To the whores of Barcelona, ​​much more competition has been added and you just have to look at the ad portals to see how you can find many proposals of all kinds of categories, for all kinds of clients and tastes.

Are Brazilian escorts the most complete?

The exotic beauty of most Brazilian escorts is a hallmark that characterizes them. Whether it is for a natural physique, for one molded in the gym or manufactured by the surgeon, the truth is that it is the sex professionals who attract the most attention. If we add the accent and that contagious way of talking, it is that you can even melt.All this is very good and of course it adds up when it comes to preferring a type of girl, but what makes her the most complete is that for the most part, almost all of them like anal sex, or at least they don't put any I hesitate to do it.And I can affirm this on a solid basis from my experience with various Brazilian escorts here in Barcelona. At least in my case, everyone with whom I have been performs anal sex or better known as "Greek". This is a service that almost all of us like, I don't know if because of the morbidity that this gives, or because of the difficulty, what I do know, that all sex professionals that include anal sex within their services, are more sought after Although in the end due to lack of time or whatever, they don't do it, but they sure work.There are many who really enjoy it, even much more than vaginal sex, or the other normal positions. It will be that being much more active, hotter and more temperamental, anal sex excites them much more, just like those who like sex a little stronger. And if we go to those that by webcam also do their work, then there are no limits in terms of sizes and shapes of the toys they use for their exhibitions.For all this and more, without a doubt, Brazilian escorts, having this type of service within their offers, are at the forefront of the rest.

Romanian escorts, the owners of pleasure

Beyond the labels that we always put on people or groups, Romanian escorts are no different from Latinas. Either because of the language that is a Romance language or because of the forms, prostitutes in this country have gained a lot of ground in other sectors.Used to seeing them in clubs or on the streets, now they are making a niche for themselves in the luxury or high standing sector. Young, tall and with the figure of top models, many are already distancing themselves from that idea that is had in Barcelona and are the claim of clients with a high level, in luxury hotels or in their own homes.Services have also changed and apparently it is due to a trend, that of taking their work seriously, being much more accommodating, mastering more languages ​​and reaching that select group of clients who are looking for something different from what professionals have always offered. of this region.Their prices are higher than the average and apparently they know how to do their job very well. They are all independent, and also invest in their image, whether physical, or within the internet portals that host their ads, with a well-thought-out text, nothing vulgar, more than companions and suggestive images, but never showing too much, leaving much more to the imagination.These Romanian escorts are very attractive and selective women, they do not accept any type of client, that is why their prices are much higher and they are already the direct competition of Russian women who are characterized by being of high standing.The objective is the same, to give the maximum to attract and keep its clients and to become the absolute owners of pleasure in the city of Barcelona. The Romanian escorts, they have put the batteries and with them the level has undoubtedly increased, especially for those who can give themselves those tastes.

I love Mexican escorts

Although it is not a very large group in Barcelona, ​​you can find some Mexican escorts available to satisfy sexual desires.One of the ways to find them is through advertisements on sex portals and as I woke up today wanting to eat nachos with guacamole, we are going in search of one.It was to enter one of those websites and Mar first appeared to me, a 25-year-old girl who says she combines company services with her studies. She defines herself as passionate, elegant, sophisticated and with a lot of distinction and although her photos showed a more than convincing image, in her ad she insists and explains a little about everything she can offer and that is where the good thing is.She commented that she would receive me in a very sexy lingerie to warm up the atmosphere and the truth is that the curves that are appreciated in the photos, with these garments the temperature would rise everywhere. I would continue talking a bit to get to know each other better and to break the ice, and when the time comes, I would be so comfortable and relaxed that I can get everything I have inside - I suppose it is more than money.She insists that there is nothing better than doing it with a professional like her, a delicious and wild lover who will make me surrender to the most intense pleasure. That his body is a temple of absolute satisfaction and he wants me to penetrate it with everything I have, a thousand times if necessary, so that I can have a great time just by his side, and he continues to specify all the services she performs and that gives you a more global idea of ​​what an encounter with her can be.In honor of the truth, what I can admit is that apart from being beautiful, this representative of Mexican escorts in Barcelona has a high cultural level, good spelling and a good narrative, qualities that I appreciate and added to what your photos show there is no doubt that it will be a good meeting. So I'll get going and then I'll tell you how it went with one of the most interesting Mexican escorts I've seen. 

Colombian escorts join the gym fashion

Being in shape is fundamental for every human being and if it is about those people who for their trade or work need a good physique, much more. This is the case of Colombian escorts who work in Barcelona, ​​these to be able to maintain an always attractive image apart from the touch-ups or surgeries that some are done, now in these difficult and highly competitive times, they join the gym or simply crush themselves at home with hours and hours of physical training.We already see that having a fitness body is a lifestyle and women have joined this trend. Perhaps not at the level of competition, but to harden the glutes, and make the legs grow strong and firm, if they are the result that many Colombian escorts now seek.In a matter of breasts, silicone is enough, but the other muscles and curves can be developed and hardened, for them this would be idealWith the existing situation, sex workers have been joined by girls who, being non-professionals, make the leap to paid sex out of sheer necessity. Spaniards, Latinas who worked in other sectors and from other nationalities, have joined this world and from their houses or rented apartments, they become competition and therefore Colombian escorts to make a difference choose to strengthen themselves in the gym, perfecting their bodies and thus with those spectacular figures attract much more customers and lovers of female beauty.This fact of course, which is appreciated by all clients, now has it more difficult when choosing services or companies. You just have to enter any sex portal and you will see the amount of beautiful and well formed girls that you can find.I sincerely congratulate all those who want to have a good physique and also health and of course I do not lose sight of them for possible personal meetings and thus be able to check in person the efficiency of their hours of routines in the gym. 

Escorts in Barcelona, substitutes for love

What I am telling you is a true story and how one of the beautiful escorts in Barcelona filled the void left by a bad love.It all started when on a very sad Saturday night the one who was my partner at the time, just like that, broke the relationship and left me abandoned in the middle of the street. That Saturday was destined to be one of the happiest, it began with this bad news and reaction for which until that moment it occupied my heart.After leaving I had no choice but to wander the lonely and cold streets of Barcelona in search of a drink to start drowning the sorrows, in the distance I see very striking neon lights that invited us to enter and I did.It was the first time that I entered this place and to my surprise I found a long wooden bar, full of drinks of all kinds and surrounded by more than 50 girls, all impressive and of course escorts in Barcelona.I ordered my drink and I stayed calm wanting to enjoy the drink and a Colombian girl came up to me, who was not bad, but in reality, I didn't even listen to what she was saying, I was still involved in continuing to torture myself with what she had last and not to waste any more time, I told him to apologize but wanted to be alone. The girl understood and very kindly left, I continuing with my drink. At the end of this I ask the waiter for another drink and when I turn my face I see in the distance an image that emanates its own light with long blonde hair and curves that I had only seen in model magazines and there my Saturday began to change.Without regret and in an intuitive way, I took the glass and went straight to that girl who alone in the last part of the place awaited my arrival. Once in front, I met a beautiful Brazilian with mesmerizing eyes and I didn't have much to say. I asked her her name and she answered: “Yuli”, she asked me what she was looking for in that place, I answered: “I am looking for love” and she told me: “love is found anywhere”.At that very moment we entered a room for an hour and from that day until a few years after she left Spain for good, one of the most beautiful escorts in Barcelona was my love substitute and the closest thing to a real couple I have ever had.