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Celebrating my birthday with the escorts in Barcelona

celebrating my birthday with the escorts in barcelona

Celebrating one's birthday and especially in these times of pandemic, the truth is that it becomes a bit complicated, but despite the adversity, I did not want to ignore this date, so since everything is closed and I could not celebrate it anywhere place, I decided that this year would be different and better. So I went online to one of the sex portals and started looking for the escorts in Barcelona that I would like the most, to make an appointment and celebrate it in a big way.

The first one that caught my attention was Lila, a Dominican brunette with huge breasts and butt and an incredible morbid face, she defines herself as an exuberant and busty young woman and at least her photos reflected that. Then I found Camila, a luxury Colombian with a heart attack ass and with the possibility of doing Greek without limits and throwing a good party, honestly a very good option.

In order not to get the first impressions of these escorts in Barcelona, ​​I continued looking and saw Diana, a divine Venezuelan, with a spectacular body, with such a sweet face and long hair to the waist, ideal to have her as a girlfriend or even as a wife , only 20 years old and a massage specialist, she actually has it all, but I didn't stop there. I went further and discovered Nancy, an Arab escort, but with a Latina body and a deadly butt, with the typical angelic face of Arabs and eyes like Persians that hypnotize you, very beautiful, but I continued and when I thought that I had seen the most powerful, the finalists appeared.

It was to see Alejandra and right there the level shot up, much better than the super models or pornstars who only appear in movies, a blonde with a great body, a huge butt, an expert in giving pleasure and pure vice, a specialist in anal sex, and in everything you want. I was about to call when I accidentally saw the one that left me paralyzed, Carolina, another Colombian who has no description, goddesses and angels are insignificant in the face of so much beauty in one body and I didn't think about it anymore. I already had a winner and in the end the thing remained in Colombia.

More than convinced of spending my birthday with escorts in Barcelona, ​​I called to see if Camila accepted my only condition, which was to be with her all the hours of the curfew, from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., so A voice from another dimension answered me and not only confirmed my condition but also gave me two more hours if I wanted it that way, what else can I tell you. I left my house like a bullet, and now I am back after spending the best birthday in the universe.

A very hot meeting with an escort in Barcelona

The day came when I really couldn't bear the urge to fuck anymore, and as it is already a custom or rather the only option, I entered the contact pages and started looking for an escort in Barcelona that would suit me. I liked it, since as I played, I was going to have the luxury of having a good time no matter what it cost. I entered one of the best-known portals and there was the ideal of my thoughts, a Venezuelan with impressive curves with big and beautiful breasts (manufactured but it does not matter) and an ass that goes without saying, with a small waist and with a face of doll. I called her of course and in 45 minutes she was already ringing her doorbell. Her name Natasha de ella, about 24 years old, well let's get back to it, she opened me up very kind and smiling and invited me to come into the room. From what I could see she is a very clean girl and she invited me to take a shower. After it, she knelt in front of the bed and began with a luxurious natural French, always looking me in the eyes and in a sensual plan with her fleshy and soft lips. Apparently as an escort in Barcelona, ​​she already had the time measured and stopped to go to bed to continue the task, she let me taste her big breasts and with great delicacy I could taste them. From there we started the normal intercourse with the typical missionary, but I couldn't finish without seeing his big butt in front of me, so we went to the doggy position and in four I continued with those big buttocks hitting me, with a lot of enthusiasm to finish the work on her breasts without any problem. After another shower, some goodbye kisses and caresses and I went home very satisfied. Of course, I already marked my next appointment with her, because without a doubt an escort in Barcelona as she had not found and why look for more of her? 

Dreams with escorts in Barcelona and realities

Our dreams sometimes tell us what our body really needs and much more in these times when everything is so complicated. Without asking or wanting it, we dream of things that we had not even imagined when we were awake. I do not know if this is due to some reflection of lack or desires, but the reality is that in many of these dreams one would never want to leave. Dreams can place you in places that you have never visited and perhaps your subconscious tells you where you should go, others can be so real that you will wake up confused without knowing in what time and moment you are living. I usually dream of beautiful girls, especially escorts in Barcelona, ​​who most of the time I invent them and other times I relive past moments and encounters. Of course, these sex workers are all my prototype of a woman and I suppose that my mind looks for the one that best suits my tastes, but as much as I dream, reality is more than fiction. Every time I go on the internet in search of future sexual dates, I see impressive escorts in Barcelona, ​​-discarding those that use false photos- these girls whose images are 100% real, it would be very difficult to find them in my most demanding dreams. Brunettes, blondes, with bodies, curves and faces that make you fall in love, are within reach of my reality. Of course it is passion upon payment and for a limited time, but available, and with all the guarantees that the meetings will be very satisfactory. They are professionals who make you feel as if you have known them all your life and who are very easy to fall in love with, that is why you have to retain feelings to be able to handle the situation much better. No matter how much you dream of an ideal or perfect girl, there will always be an escort in Barcelona in real life who can overcome her. Don't forget it and take note!

Escorts in Barcelona are still in fashion

After the hangover of some for Valentine's Day, -without a doubt fortunate, where said group I did not enter- it is time to return to normality and singles like me continue in the search for that company that complements you. In this current pandemic situation, it is very difficult to find a partner, at least in the normal ways. With bars, discotheques and closed meeting places it is difficult to flirt and although many are pointing to the new trend of flirting in supermarkets, I do not think that between onions, potatoes, and tomatoes I will achieve anything. That is why we have what never goes out of style, and they are the escorts in Barcelona, ​​those substitute brides who never fail you and are always available, and since there are so many because you never have the option of getting bored, one always appears that dazzles you, as it was. the case of Celia, an impressive Catalan blonde, from the best model magazines, but very real, -beautiful women also need to eat- and with this crisis it is very difficult to depend on your partner, so take advantage of this unique opportunity and the contact. If the photos are beautiful, listening to her voice was more, I do not doubt that she has hundreds of lovers on the waiting list and it is not a joke, unlike many escorts in Barcelona, ​​Celia works with an agenda and with previous appointments, since there are many who want it.So I asked for mine and he gave me the option for today at 6:00 p.m. or tomorrow at 12:00 a.m. and opt for today and thus get rid of doubts, because if everything you put in your ad is true, the truth it is that I believe that I will occupy many hours, in many days of many months. And so in this way, thanks to the escorts in Barcelona, ​​I will be able to celebrate a Valentine's Day after with a magazine “substitute girlfriend”.