Do you want to be an escort? Haima is the largest gentlemen club group in Barcelona. In our 5 gentlemen clubs in the city centre you will find professional and serious staff. More than ten years of experience characterize our work philosophy.

Earning more than 2,000 euros per week depends on you. We offer you all the facilities:

What advantages do I have as an escort in Haima?

To decide for Haima means to enjoy a unique and personal treatment and to be part of a team of professionals who will be watching over your safety, comfort and benefit. Not only can you use our luxury rooms but also all our facilities: several bars, jacuzzis, bathrooms with hydro massage shower, swimming pools… For us you are the most important thing and we do not want you to lack anything. We’ll do everything we can.

How are the rooms?

Our luxury rooms have an excellent and careful decoration. The lighting, perfectly suited for meetings, creates an ideal and intimate atmosphere. Absolutely all rooms have a full bathroom, most of them with a bath and some with a Jacuzzi. Obviously the hygienic conditions are impeccable. This means that after each service performed, the room is reconditioned and includes a new vacuum-packed pack of sheets and towels.

How do I get in touch with you?

Fill in the form with your details and we will contact you as soon as possible. Discretion is one of our pillars so don’t be afraid to send your photos.




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Ideal environment to have sex with the best whores

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If you want to enjoy the best sex and in a sensual and perfect environment to experience new sensations, we invite you to visit our facilities.

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Mature or young escorts. Which one are you staying with?

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As far as tastes are concerned, there is nothing written, especially in sex. In fact, it is not only a question of physical preferences, but also of age or attitude.
In this case, we are talking about the attraction one can have to mature or young women.

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The best call girls in Barcelona at your fingertips

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If you want to have sex with beautiful women, with bodies of scandal and be able to practice all kinds of sexual practices, today you will find a magnificent selection of whores in Barcelona who offer their services in alternative clubs, like Haima.

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What an escort can do to put you at 100

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Men, like women, have many erogenous points that cause excitement, which well worked can put you at 100 before penetrating it.