Dogging in Barcelona. Very daring sex

dogging in barcelona. very daring sex

In sex there are no limits, as long as there is a reciprocal consensus between the parties and respect, everything is possible to enjoy sexually. Creativity to power! One of those ways of practicing sex that carry a component of extra excitement, is undoubtedly sex in public places, which entails a plus of controlled risk that you are discovered by passersby ... or at least that they hear you. But the thing is not there. Because there is a sex modality: dogging.

Dogging: what does it consist of?

Dogging can be in public places, in forests, remote areas, in cars. They are meeting points between people who don't know each other and decide to stay online to establish sporadic sexual relations. A practice that gives a lot of morbidity and supposes a degree of excitement added to the possibility of having sex with strangers eager for carnal pleasure. Have you tried to realize that sexual fantasy?

What is the origin of Dogging?

Dogging in Barcelona

It began in the 1970s in the United Kingdom when men were spying on couples who had sex in discrete but secluded public places: snacks, escaped, etc., but also in public toilets or more central urban areas.

Dogging in Spain

In addition to practicing dogging in Barcelona, ​​you can do it in many other parts of Spain. Looking for contact portals, special communities for this type of sexual practice, sex in public. Here in Spain we have, for example, Dogging Spain, a whole community divided into various forums from different geographical areas.

Dogging to practice

Well, in Andalucia, Aragon, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla y Leon, Catalonia, Ceuta and Melilla, Euskadi, Extremadura, Galicia, Illes Balears, Canary Islands, La Rioja, Madrid, Murcia, Navarra and Valencia. In other words, in all the autonomous communities.

The rules of dogging

Always use condoms, just look if you are not invited by the voyeurs explicitly, do not spoil the furniture, respect the decision of anonymity of the attendees in the hangout, participation must be voluntary and take into account the laws of each country since It can be considered public scandal. As in everything, there are rules, but to ensure the experience in a safe and intense way. Do you dare to participate in a dogging experience? Leave us your comment.

Passion for an escort in Barcelona

As a lover of beautiful women and especially of sex professionals, since I have been surfing the internet looking for dates for a long time, I feel an immense desire to be able to meet an escort in Barcelona in particular. Currently she calls herself Amanda, -although she has had several names, all nom de guerre, of course- but the most important thing is that she always uses the same images and if they match reality, the truth is that she is the woman of my dreams and the of many. She describes herself as an organized girl and offers a totally relaxing unforgettable encounter. She also offers the possibility of having a few drinks, a white party or whatever you want or need. From what she can see, she, too, is going strong and to me the more sugarcane, the better. In old ads she always appeared alone in her apartment, the typical independent escort in Barcelona, ​​but currently she also does it with a friend, who is very good to see, which entails some services such as threesomes, duplexes, lesbians, etc. If she already puts me to the top just like that, imagine two of the same prototype, without a doubt a fantasy at another level. Returning to Amanda that she is the one who occupies me with hours of thought, I am now ready to have that meeting that I have wanted so much and that I want to make come true. I hope that when I get to the appointment I find a young woman at least similar to the one in the photos on the internet, otherwise it would be disappointing. My intuition tells me that it will be an accepted choice and if she does everything she advertises she will become the preferred escort in Barcelona. Time will have the last word and of course I will tell everyone how it went in this new rather passionate adventure. 

I meet again with my favorite escort in Barcelona

Yesterday was one of those days when you wake up wanting to have a good meeting or date with a girl and have sex. As I am "more alone than Una" I had to go online to look for an escort in Barcelona. Lately they have become my girlfriends by the hour and although I am not one of those who usually vary, I do have to adapt to what is available and more in these times of pandemic. So I entered one of the most important portals for escorts in Barcelona and my greater surprise was when I found one of my ex-girlfriends for hours, she was nothing more and nothing less than Fernanda, a super beautiful Venezuelan that I met in one of the premises of Haima and now due to the situation he is working as a freelancer in a flat. I called her instantly, on the phone that came in the announcement and she answered me, when she heard my voice she was very happy to hear me and to know that I wanted a date with her, - of course the joy I do not think is because of me, rather for what I would have to pay- but hey, once I knew the new rates and that his services with me would be the same as always, I got down to work and went to shower. Look for a new brief, as well as clothes to give a good image, the best perfume I have, and since I am a gentleman and a romantic one of the few left on the way, I bought him a flower and I took it as a present and a souvenir of that gift. meeting. During all those hours of that magical appointment, my favorite escort in Barcelona, ​​was once again that girlfriend for hours that pleases you and makes you happy, and that is what life is about, they say, no, of small moments and details. So I already have a way to continue living those moments and with whom in those appointments for hours. 

A very hot meeting with an escort in Barcelona

The day came when I really couldn't bear the urge to fuck anymore, and as it is already a custom or rather the only option, I entered the contact pages and started looking for an escort in Barcelona that would suit me. I liked it, since as I played, I was going to have the luxury of having a good time no matter what it cost. I entered one of the best-known portals and there was the ideal of my thoughts, a Venezuelan with impressive curves with big and beautiful breasts (manufactured but it does not matter) and an ass that goes without saying, with a small waist and with a face of doll. I called her of course and in 45 minutes she was already ringing her doorbell. Her name Natasha de ella, about 24 years old, well let's get back to it, she opened me up very kind and smiling and invited me to come into the room. From what I could see she is a very clean girl and she invited me to take a shower. After it, she knelt in front of the bed and began with a luxurious natural French, always looking me in the eyes and in a sensual plan with her fleshy and soft lips. Apparently as an escort in Barcelona, ​​she already had the time measured and stopped to go to bed to continue the task, she let me taste her big breasts and with great delicacy I could taste them. From there we started the normal intercourse with the typical missionary, but I couldn't finish without seeing his big butt in front of me, so we went to the doggy position and in four I continued with those big buttocks hitting me, with a lot of enthusiasm to finish the work on her breasts without any problem. After another shower, some goodbye kisses and caresses and I went home very satisfied. Of course, I already marked my next appointment with her, because without a doubt an escort in Barcelona as she had not found and why look for more of her?