Although we usually think that the erotic zone par excellence of men is the penis, the truth is that is not so. This, like the testicles are of great importance to excite a man, but the sex fun and different, you can have with an escort, if your partner is very classic and little given to fantasies, is a game, and the preliminaries are essential for the intimate relationship is much more satisfying and enjoyable.

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Men, like women, have many erogenous points that cause excitement, which well worked can put you at 100 before penetrating it.

Our escorts know these erogenous zones perfectly and know how to caress them, lick them and touch them slowly to make you like a motorcycle and make the sexual experience unforgettable.

8 erogenous zones that will make you enjoy

The back: it is highly sensual and, touching the tongue or fingertips on it, a man can go mad. Imagine our girls passing their mouth from your neck to your buttocks, all over your back. . . we are sure you would love it.

The thighs: the inner part of the thighs provides a lot of excitement, as it is very close to the genitals. A good option is to massage them until they slowly reach your penis. How would you like a beautiful escort to lick your thighs until they reach your penis?

Breast: Licking and stroking the breast and nipples offers very pleasant sensations, as well as nibbling. In addition, oils can be used to gently massage and raise the tone of the appointment.

The mouth: unbridled kisses and tongue with enough to excite a man. They can stimulate passion, as language offers many possibilities. Also, while the girl is kissing you sensually, she will rub her breasts against you and you will surely ignite.

The anus: in this area is the male G-spot, full of very exciting nerve endings. You can ask our escorts to caress you, lick you, or you can use some sexual toy, etc. . because it can cause you a great orgasm, much more intense.

The perineum: located between the scrotum and the anus and, by touching it, is a way to excite a man completely before reaching the penis. After the testicles and this, it’s your most erogenous point. In order to make it more pleasant, you can run your fingers over it, running it delicately.

The neck: it can be stimulated in a thousand ways and gives very gratifying sensations. Also thanks to lips and tongue, passion is assured.

Ear lobes: this part of the body is very sensitive and offers great pleasure by stroking it both with the fingers or mouth, even blowing gently. After exciting that area, you can go down the neck, back, etc. .

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And a sense. . . a beautiful young girl, very hot

Sight: many times, just look at a beautiful woman and your senses are stimulated, your imagination is triggered and you can easily get excited.

Now imagine that this girl whispers in your ear, lets you caress her body and, if you intimáis a little more, lick her breasts or bite slowly, while she caresses you, moans and begins to caress you and reciprocate.

Well, don’t imagine and come to a Haima club. With the escorts that you will find in our puticlubs in Barcelona you are going to have a great time.

You will meet beautiful women, with bodies that will drive you crazy just having them in front of you. When they start to caress you with their soft lips and run every part of your body will be too much.

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