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Age: 24 years | Measures: 92-60-96 | Nationality: Panamanian


Age: 24 years

Height: 158 cm

Measures: 92-60-96

Nationality: Panamanian

Languages: Spanish, English

Schedule: 24 Hours


Natural Français, Full Français, Golden Rain, Couples Care, Lesbiennes, Deep Greek, Sex Toys, Erotic Games


Estrella is a very complete Panamanian escort and specialist is to create and satisfy all your most original sexual fantasies.

Estrella performs all services with the highest quality, being her specialty a good French until the end well passionate. With it you can enjoy the offer only in our local Roussillon 315.

You can also go out to your home or you can visit your hotel at the times you want. Don’t be fooled by her youth, Estrella is a high professional, call her and check it out.



C/ Carrer del Roselló, 315 (08036) Barcelona

Monday to Sunday from 10h to 22h

Mobile: +34 665 619 316

Phone: +34 934 762 021

In Gentlemen Club Rosellón 315 you can find the best escorts in Barcelona Our luxury escort girls conceive this sex club as one of the most attractive and spectacular to give rise to their meetings of pure pleasure. Never has a luxury escorts given so much for so little.


Passion for Argentine escorts

I have to confess, more than anything to be good with myself, that a prototype of a woman that I love is that of the Argentines. That mixture of Latin with European, many with Italian surnames, and those well-turned bodies, makes them stand out a lot. And what to say about the accent or way of speaking, that way of pronouncing the words half hypnotizes you, envelops you and it was just what happened to me very recently with a girl from that country. It turns out that wanting to go out and wanting to have sex, because between the curfew, everything closed and no social life, the moment comes when you explode and before that, I enter the internet and one of those famous portals, I discover Belén, one of the most spectacular Argentine escorts in all of Barcelona. She is blonde, tall with a powerful body and legs, a huge butt and normal natural breasts, not so big but just the right size. Only 21 years old, according to her student and amateur, although the truth, she beats many who have the title of professionals. Taking advantage of the fact that her roommates were traveling, the powerful blonde offers her services, joining the other Argentine escorts, privately and independently. She surprised me, a lot with the closeness and passion that she put into all of her, playing with her green eyes that penetrated you to the soul. Well, what else can I say, of all the professionals, one of the Argentine escorts who live in Barcelona gave me all her passion and I was surrendered at her feet. Of course this is just the beginning of what could be a long-term, let's say "professional" relationship. Most likely, I will tell you much more about this impressive woman very soon. 

Secrets of Latin escorts in Barcelona

As in every profession, Latin escorts in Barcelona also have their tricks to be one of the favorites among clients and regulars of sex. Whether in a physical or mental way, each specialty has its secrets and in the case of Latin escorts in Barcelona, ​​seduction and sensuality play a leading role. It is known to all that Latin women, either because of the same mixture of races, because of the high temperatures that exist in these countries, or because of a matter of idiosyncrasy, the truth is that they know how to penetrate much more in the depths of preference. and customer feelings. Another factor to play is the accents, which depending on each country or region are more or less melodious, but without a doubt they sweeten you or at least trap you. Always treating you like you were her boyfriend of a lifetime. And that's another secret, they never treat clients as strangers -which is really what they are-, and the client from the first minute has the feeling of knowing her for a lifetime, without ever having seen her before. It only remains to evaluate which country is more mellow than another, for example, Colombians are quite mellow, then perhaps Venezuelans, Brazilians, the Caribbean, and then those from the rest of South America will follow. Fundamental secret is that they perform almost all the services, the goal; not lose a potential customer, although like everything, those special services still cost a little more. These secrets make the other sex professionals try to imitate these attitudes and thus enter into the options that clients who love Latin escorts in Barcelona always look for and for those they are preferred, although as we all know, each one has their own pleasures.

I fell in love with a Canarian escort

In the years that I lived on the island of Gran Canarias, I was able to verify first-hand that the women of those islands, also called “Canarionas”, are among the most beautiful in all of Spain, proof of this are some misses that have represented the patio national in beauty pageants. One of the things that I miss the most in those parts, is precisely the way of being of Canarian women, who are the perfect mixture of Latin and European.What was my surprise when browsing the internet from Barcelona, ​​I found an ad for Fernanda, a spectacular young Canarian escort, with a beauty never seen before. What surprised me the most was the description of your ad that if it is true, it would be the dream of a lifetime come true.She points out in her claim to attract clients that she is a 25-year-old Canarian escort, super horny and she loves anal sex - just with this little phrase, she conquers the entire universe and beyond, we continue-, She says that the "French" She makes it natural - that is, bareback - playing with the milk in her little mouth, she also likes deep throats. She defines herself as a girl of stronger sex, which turns her on and drives her crazy.Something that she does not specify but that in her photos shows very well, are her large natural breasts with that space between breast and breast, ideal for a perfect "Cuban", or an unforgettable "French tie". Your nipples are sure to be more powerful than any other force of nature.And to top it off, emulating women from other times, she doesn't wax and the pubis is covered in beautiful blacks, very rare to see in these times, when almost all professionals don't have them, which she says is the most natural of all.I already wrote to him and he guaranteed that his photos are real and that it is the same that appears in the advertisement, so I am already saying goodbye, because I can confess that I have fallen in love with a Canarian escort, who I will go to conquer right now.