Resolve your doubts about the services of Grupo Haima

Haima Barcelona is an important group of establishments of alterne and escorts in Barcelona with administrative license for this type of activity. With more than a decade of experience, our distinction, discretion and exclusivity endorse us.

The one-hour service includes one or two full relations and a Frenchman. The half-hour service, a relationship and a Frenchman. Consult directly with our girls for more details.

If you want to practice a special service such as full French, Greek, lesbian, trio, … We recommend that you speak directly with our girls to agree not only its availability, but also its price.

Each Club has a phone number you can call. They will inform you about their availability, services and answer any questions you may have about the club or the girls.

In this case we recommend you to call directly to the place that interests you and to speak with one of the people in charge so that it facilitates both the entrance and the exit to our facilities. We can provide taxi service at the exit or enter directly to the girls’ catwalk in our club in Numancia.

The photos published on this website are provided by the girls themselves. We are fortunate to enjoy a great activity in our clubs, so updating the catalog on our website is a commitment that we try to take regularly. Even so, we recommend you to visit the club directly to meet our girls in person. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

Choosing Haima means enjoying luxury rooms. These have excellent hygienic conditions. This means that after each service performed, the room is reconditioned and includes a new vacuum pack of sheets and towels.

All our collaborators know that Haima provides them with any attention and comfort they may need when carrying out their activity, so we provide protection and great safety in their work at all levels. Working with Haima gives total freedom of entry and exit of facilities, work tools, health and an endless number of aspects which make the vast majority of girls want to practice in Barcelona, decide to come to our premises.

Last FAQ news

The clients rather the escorts in Barcelona to be like this

Many lovers of sex and pleasure with the escorts in Barcelona seek for, not only what they cannot find in their own home, but also for the ideal woman. Escorts which are beautiful, active, loving, sexual, as much as they can try.On one hand, they are sold as such. On the other hand, they sometimes fail to meet expectations due to false advertising, but that does not tend to be a big problem. Of course, the hook is in their ads or when explaining their services.They sell themselves as spectacular women, full of sensuality, charisma, and morbid. With them, you would enjoy a lot of sex, caresses, hugs, couple treatment, natural French, postures, and many more services that you have only had or experienced in your wildest dreams.They make you believe that you still do not know them thoroughly, but they assure you that if you go for them, you will enjoy it in a big way, making all of this worth it, as you will experience real luxury.They also hope that you are up to the task and that you arrive with all the strength and passion that you are looking for in your lovers. The escorts in Barcelona will provide you with what you need, that's for sure. From your first encounter, they will be delighted to satisfy you like no other has done until now, so you can live unforgettable moments with them.They assure you that will feel a very special connection, because any moment of pure lust will be special and intense, without taboos and without fear. This and many other adjectives are the way that professionals try to attract those desirous to pay for sex.Many achieve to lure in someone, and when it comes to the moment of truth, the client will assess whether they lived up to what they promised. If they experienced the contrary of what was being advertised, then is certain that they will not return ever again. Such bad experience can be a big problem, as they can inadvertently create doubts about the rest of the escorts in Barcelona who do offer what they promise and often exceed it.

Whores in Barcelona are throwing parties at their houses

Due to nocturnal activities being suspended once more in Barcelona, people are craving for some action and for wild parties even more. If they cannot do it in discos and venues, they will do it in their private flats. Of course this increases the risk of contagion much more, since sanitary measures are almost never taken into account if you are enjoying yourself at home.Whores in Barcelona who have had to go to work in flats or in their own homes organize parties in their own house out of boredom between friends or acquaintances, they do everything.Proof of this was last night, I was calm at home minding my own business when a friend, who is, of course, one of the greatest whores in Barcelona, writes me through WhatsApp. She told me that she was bored and sexually aroused and that she wanted to party to the fullest. She begged me to go to her house to remove the fever she had and that she wanted to have sex with more people. She was so lustful that she wanted to have a full-blown orgy. As I am more traditional and do not like this hodgepodge, I declined the invitation, although I recognize that the offer was very tempting, especially because in the state of endless lust which she was in, but think about the following: she’s eager for sex and a wild party, alone in her house, with the desire to do it at the same time with more than one person. None of the people invited would be thinking about the Coronavirus or anything like that. Who would control that no one is infected? I think no one would have the clarity to check such things in a hot situation like this one.I simply did not go, but I do not think she was alone that night, as the list of possible guests is pretty long and she was going to have a party no matter what.And that's what I keep saying, that in a place with all the appropriate measures and all the conditions there would not be any risk of spreading the virus, allowing anyone to have as many parties as they want with the whores in Barcelona, but who puts the bell on the cat?...www.

The duplex with escorts in Barcelona that everyone desires

Who has not dreamed about having a four-handed encounter with two girls at the same time. Whether you are a whore lover or not, every man has wanted to be with two women and have sex. Imagine, all double. This for many is a reality and for you it can also be, as long as you pay for two escorts in Barcelona who will undoubtedly be more than willing.You only have to give it a thought, they would be two united fantasies, one girl with the role of masseuse fully relaxing your body and the other in escort mode for your complete sexual whims. A glass of champagne with massage and sex together where both girls take turns. You can certainly have hours of relaxation and pleasure without limits.All these escorts in Barcelona who practice this service only do so only for your delight, relaxation, or sexual desire. Everything would continue in the following way: while one gives you a “body-body”, sliding naked all over your body with her Kamasutra movements in very different postures, the other professional with her mouth would give you a natural French, well salivated that would please you without limit. Finishing, of course, in her mouth or the part of her body that more morbid gives you.Sex and massage are the perfect combination; you can have an interactive massage with both girls while have sex with them as much as you want. Another idea would be having a massage and a foamy erotic shower at the same time, making all three be in a bathtub. These escorts in Barcelona are able to make you disconnect with their hands and have sex in the shower in an unforgettable way.Without a doubt, anyone would have fun trying a new sexual sensory experience. If with one girl you can get to paradise, what do you think that will happen with two specialists who mix sensations, passions, old relationship techniques, and everything so it results into an explosive cocktail that you will surely never forget. As soon as I get enough money, I will definitely go for two professionals like these to take me to a higher level.