Although anal sex can be a big stranger to some, it actually offers equal or more pleasure than vaginal sex. In fact, it is one of the most requested sexual fantasies by men when they are looking for paid sex and, to perform it in the most exciting way and with more satisfaction, our whores in Barcelona are the perfect women to experience anal pleasure.

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Anal sex can even become wild and dark, causing even more morbid.

The anal practice most requested to prostitutes is the Greek, an act that offers many intense sensations, such as having to penetrate a girl through a space more tight and reduced than the vagina and, as a consequence, with more pleasant and strong sensations for the Man.

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In addition, anal sex is to completely run away from the sexual routine and try something new. It’s like doing something you’ve always dreamed of.

As for the visualization, due to the posture that is usually taken to perform anal sex, it is highly exciting. Being able to see a woman penetrate from behind, through that almost forbidden area, can drive you crazy.
Men love good, so this kind of sex is so special.

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Another of the great sensations it provides are the most lasting and intense orgasms. The climax that is reached by penetrating a girl through the anus is usually better than the vaginal one.

To be able to fully enjoy this practice, you can use lubricants or oils, which will not only give you more flavor and smell to the intimate relationship, but penetration will be more satisfying and pleasant.

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The power that anal sex provides

Anal sex also offers power to man and provides that sense of control over the woman’s body, because at that moment you send, both in rhythm, intensity, in penetrating that special area, etc. The woman adopts a role of submission that is very exciting and is part of the sex game.

During anal sex, the man feels powerful, controlling the situation and owns the pleasure of the girl and hers.

Keep in mind that there are many nerve terminals in the anus and, during penetration, all of them are being stimulated.

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