Club rates

60€ / 30 minutes – 100€ / 60 minutes


40€ / 30 minutes – 60€ / 60 minutes
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00 to 22:00

Rosellón 315
+34 665 852 096 / +34 934 762 021


Our gentlemen club

In Rosellón 315 you can find the best escorts in Barcelona. Our luxurious girls conceive this gentlemen club as one of the most attractive and spectacular to give place to their meetings of pure pleasure.


Our flat with administrative license for this type of activity is designed and conceived for incredible meetings full of excitement and pleasure with the most spectacular women. Never before has a girls' house been so cheap.


Another of the facilities that our local offers is the possibility of having home delivery service and hotels 24 hours a day, where with just one call you can select whoever visits you among the great variety of girls we have.


The girls of Rosellón are great specialists in the enjoyment of sex and pleasure and this is evident in every experience they offer. Luxury escorts looking forward to meeting you and enjoying the most incredible moments of excitement with you.

And more

Rosellón 315 is our best known escort house of the night in Barcelona. Our experience accredits us as one of the most quality entertainment venues not only for our facilities, but also for our girls.

Rosellón 315, Barcelona +34 665 852 096 / +34 934 762 021
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The seduction of our whores Barcelona

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All women have an incredible power of seduction, although some may not be able to fully exploit it. Each one of them has something special in her body, in her look or in her personality, which makes them powerful in the face of the weaknesses of sex.

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The best orgasms with our escorts Barcelona

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An orgasm is the climax of a sexual relationship, where there is a pleasant release of the tension accumulated during the whole act. At that moment, extremely pleasant muscle spasms are generated.

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Hair removal for more pleasurable anal sex

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Having anal sex is one of men’s greatest sexual fantasies. This forbidden area, with almost restricted access, makes many people love the idea of trying it.

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Objects to incorporate to sex and enjoy with our whores Barcelona

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Sex toys as such, however, are not the only ones that can bring you pleasure and excitement. In fact, in your daily life you are in contact with objects that you can introduce into your intimate relationships and give them a special touch.