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Haima wants to offer its clients the maximum variety of services possible. We are sure that you will find the most suitable to make your fantasy come true. Share with the whores in Barcelona that you choose your desires bearing in mind that there are services that have supplements on the base rate proposed by each escort.

Our philosophy is to make possible contacts between whores in Barcelona and people interested in spending evenings of pleasure with a professional like them. The basic purpose of an escort is to offer their sexual services but there is a great demand for special services related to sex. Each girl offers the services that are willing to perform, some girls offer all and others some, so it is good to ask the girl what kind of services they offer to avoid confusion.

The basic purpose of an escort is to offer her sexual services in a way that is pleasant and enjoyable for both of us. Each girl offers the services she is willing to perform. Some girls offer all of them and others only some, so it is good to ask the escort what kind of services she can offer you to avoid confusion.


One of the great purposes for Haima girls is to make you turn your daily sex life by fulfilling your sexual fantasies, either alone or with your partner: costumes, toys, oral sex, …


Our girls do not only provide independent service in our clubs or perform escort service to hotels. In a totally discreet way, outcall girls Barcelona can go to the place where you are staying on your visit to Barcelona to spend an unforgettable night.


Are you getting married? Then you need a bachelor party or a good party before your marriage. It’s a very important change and we think you deserve a good tribute. Check our rates for this type of events. We take care of everything.


Enjoying an call girl in Barcelona is one of the most demanded experiences in our clubs. You only have to choose one of the girls and call the number that appears in her profile to know her availability. The girl will be able to come between your sheets where you will live your experience with total privacy and intimacy.


Enjoying an orgy is one of the most satisfying experiences you can have, whether you’re a man or a woman. There are different ways to perform group sex either alone or with your partner. You can hire one, two, three whores in Barcelona at the same time and enjoy all of them while they seek to please your desires. In Haima you will find escorts willing to form with you the orgy you have always dreamed of.


A body contours, caresses you, kisses you. A garment disappears. Another disappears. Background music and she is just for you. Little by little there are fewer clothes left while she sensually smiles at you. You both know how this dance is going to end. The point is that you choose with whom.


This service is dedicated to those people who wish to have a sexual game through the dress and interpretation of a specific character. Our girls are willing to be your schoolgirls or your secretaries. What do you want to play? All you have to do is request it.


One of the most exciting experiences for a man is having oral sex. The complete French service – when the man ejaculates thanks to this stimulation – or natural French – without a condom – are two of the most requested services among our girls.


Anal sex can be as or more pleasurable than vaginal sex. Certain precautions must be taken to make the experience a source of pleasure as well as a form of safe sex. One of the most sensitive areas of the human body thanks to its nerve endings. Ask our girls how they like to be stimulated so that both of you can enjoy this experience with great pleasure.


Spanking on the buttocks, using foul language, catching the hair or playing with objects while you dominate your lover. Everything is possible as long as there is good communication. Hiring a girl who offers this type of service is one of the most common experiences either alone or in a couple.


One of the practices that brings more sensuality and eroticism to the relationship. It can go from a delicate kiss that gives way to a calm and affectionate experience, to a deep kiss that excites to the maximum before a more passionate service. Our girls will know very well how to please you.


Living in first person pornstar experience is possible in our clubs. Girls with this same type of attitude and a body according to the famous porn actresses. Adventurous positions, strong moans, dirty talk, anal play, sex with costumes… . YOU will be the protagonist of this film.


One of the most common fantasies between couples: inviting a girl to experiment and have sex with her. Do you want penetration? Kisses? Caresses? Do you want me to just play with her? Come to our clubs, where the facilities allow you to give free rein to your desires. It will also add even more morbidity to the situation. Haima offers girls specialized in this service. Among them it is more than normalized and they will be able to help you in this sensual purpose.


Our girls have great knowledge of the use and application of erotic toys. For them and for them: inflatable dolls, rings, artificial vaginas, covers, suckers, … . Clitoral vibrators, nipple stimulator, Chinese balls… . All our toys are in excellent hygienic-sanitary conditions. Mix pleasure, our toys and your imagination.


One of the sexual fantasies most requested by most men is to have sex with two women, or to observe two girls having sex. In our clubs you can find girls who offer this type of service, both locally and moving wherever you are, making this experience an unforgettable moment.


Sexual arousal from paraphilias is more common than we think. Licking, smelling, or feeling your feet on your body. Getting excited while observing naked bodies or having sex (voyeurism). Tight latex garments. Domination and submission… The imagination in Haima has no limits when it comes to hiring our girls and asking them what your favorite fetish is.

Events, parties, dinners, fairs, conferences, meetings or private gatherings. Barcelona is a city in constant movement, popular for its tourist places, its conventions and its party nights.

Our escorts, educated, elegant and discreet, can accompany you in your event and end the party wherever you want.

Also enjoy the GFE (Girlfriend Experience) service if you need more interaction with our girls.

Last Sexual Services News

A new summer for the Escorts in Barcelona

We are already in summer and the heat shows the season, but like confinement, it is a new summer. It is not so different from the rest, but it has its peculiarities. The Haima clubs are already open. The escorts in Barcelona within the clubs comply with the mandatory sanitary measures. This, although nobody had foreseen it, has fitted in very well in this new reality without any problems; the girls put into practice these measures and the recommended distance.The sudden influx of the clients is being noticed, and many of the regulars are returning. Also, the escorts in Barcelona are coming back. Many had to find their way out in private apartments or in their own apartments, some prefer at the moment to continue where they currently are, but slowly but steady, they will start coming back. The security and expenses they can have inside a club is not comparable to what they would have by working from home.Those who are already there, are undoubtedly taking advantage of the arrivals of those who come to the clubs out of desire or curiosity. They all are working with less burden as they previously had thought. There are those who, of course, will not let you leave without at least enjoying something from them. To avoid someone’s departure with a happy ending, they literally invite you to "leave your milk in the club and not take it anywhere else".Masks are available for all clients and girls. The disinfectant gel is present throughout the premises and its use is compulsory, you will not be able to get rid of the electronic thermometer if you want to be inside; the prudential distance is already an ordinance. As a matter of prevention of the coronavirus, all premises are covered.You just have to arrive, feel at home, and enjoy together with the escorts in Barcelona what you have missed so much in these months and surely you deserve well.

Party at the house of 3 escorts in Barcelona

Sunday night, I suppose it was just after 10p.m. and I was calm, watching TV, waiting for sleep to come so I could go to sleep, when I heard WhatsApp’s typical notification sound. At that time, if it was not something urgent, I could not imagine what it could be about, and perhaps something was indeed urgent, but not on my part. It turned out to be a message from a professional friend who’s a lover for money, who was inviting me to go to her house to join a party together with two other escorts in Barcelona more, apparently they were very bored and were already celebrating the arrival of the next new normal.I did not think twice, of course I told her that I was on my way, I showered, perfumed and you know I put on the best clothes I could found and went to my car to this alleged party. Yes, I took some money because we already know how it can end. And indeed, once I arrived, I found myself in the house of my "little friend", along with her and her spectacular colleagues. Honestly, that seemed like one of those things you never think could happen, but it was real. I guess at that time not many people are available to join such a party and I happen to be the winner. Anyhow, they introduced me to the two escorts in Barcelona still unknown to me, a 22-year-old Colombian and a 24-year-old Venezuelan –or so she said-, very beautiful, with well-endowed bodies and with the look of felines thirsty for blood, and of course, happy that their food had arrived (me).Anyways, I joined the feast. I started drinking, one thing lead to the other, laughter, little games, touch eachother and directly with the Venezuelan to one of the rooms. The ideal thing for it to be a perfect story would have been to go with the two that I recently met, but no, that brunette was the one I liked and also, it was the reason why I brought in some money.Afterwards the kisses between everyone and others followed, but well, that was part of the game between me and my "friends".To summarize, I arrived at my house, I suppose at around 7 in the morning and on Monday, but without wanting to, let alone thinking about it. In the end, this past Sunday went from being the most boring to the best of all time. The only thing that remains is to wait in case another party of this kind is given again with my new escorts in Barcelona friends, although in the end it costs me some money.

The ideal escort in Barcelona for almost everyone

While looking for the ideal escort in Barcelona, I found one who, without a doubt –at least for me-, seems to be the perfect escort. It is already known that there’s no accounting for taste, but I think that girls like this can be liked by all or almost all lovers of special women.To begin with, she is a sensual Latina who came from Venezuela and whose name I reserve for my privacy and possible competitors. She’s young, at a perfect age, wild with a lot of class and, by her looks, she seems to be a good passionate lover. She will treat you like a loved boyfriend, followed by dazzling you with her beauty once you both get in bed.On the other hand, the young escort in Barcelona has a scandalous body, one of those that will make you explode; large natural breasts and curves in which anyone could get lost in. To top it off, she has a spectacular butt and a face worthy of an angel.After a deep talk, the beautiful Venezuelan assures me that we would share a very complete evening with doses of morbidity and mischievousness. She tells me that I will be able to discover in her an incredible lover with feline eyes, a very mischievous and 100% natural smile without those touches or prosthesis that many put on to shape the lack of curves, which is something that she already has “built-in”.Feminine, elegant, well-being, discreet, with attire and wardrobe according to the situation that I prefer, determined, intrepid, launched, to which everything has a solution and, to top it all, more than affordable prices. What else could you be asking for?Either because of her physique or because of her conditions, she already qualifies as ideal, there’s no need to go looking for more. For the time being, I will personally go check and confirm everything mentioned above is the truth and only the truth, and when I return I will tell you the experience of the indeterminate hours that I will surely spend in company of the ideal escort in Barcelona.