Outcall Girl

What does outcall girl mean?

In addition to offering the escort service in our brothels, in Haima we also offer our clients the possibility that the escort goes to the home or hotel of his or her lover to enjoy the different sexual services that we also offer in our clubs. To get a more intimate and comfortable experience, customers have this kind of service to enjoy the company of an escort in their home or hotel. This travels to the client’s house by taxi to provide their services in a more personal way.
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escort a domicilio barcelona

Which escorts can come to my house or hotel?

This service, also known as outcall girls, is not done by all the escorts. You can find the different girls who perform this type of service in our catalog of outcall girls. You will be able to find a multitude of girls of all types of nationalities and characteristics, as well as for sure they will make real your sexual fantasies since being an almost “a la carte” service you will be able to ask the girl that best suits your desires to offer them among your own sheets.

How do I ask for an escort at home or hotel?

Each girl who performs this kind of service has a phone number in her profile. Choose the one that best suits your tastes and characteristics. You will be attended by the manager of the club. The attendant will inform you of the availability of the escort.

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How much is this service?

At the usual one-hour service price, you have to add the cost of the taxi that will bring the girl within the city of Barcelona. Keep in mind that if the service is at night, the rate increases according to taxi rates in Barcelona. The prices of our promotion are not included in this type of services.

What is necessary for the escort to come to my house?

It is essential that you provide very basic information such as full name, address, landline if you have, mobile phone, approximate time you want to be with the girl. If the girl required via web is not available, a similar profile will be provided. By having 5 clubs available and having more than 150 girls available, we are sure that we can attend to your request.


What does an escort service in Barcelona include?

The service of an escort at home or hotel is the standard set by Haima. If you want any other service, it is advisable to talk to the person in charge who will answer your call since not all escorts perform all sexual services. In order to avoid misunderstandings it is better to provide as much information as possible about the experience you want to live with your escort at home or your hotel, in addition to if you require some extra as sex toys or you would like the escort to dress in some concrete way for your enjoyment. The person in charge will advise you at all times about the girls and if the girl you want is not available, she will recommend another in her place. At no time will be sent to your home another girl who is not selected.

Can I have two or more escorts?

Of course. You can have the service of the escorts that you want. You just have to talk to the manager of each club to book the girls with whom you want to live your experience since not all the girls do the same shifts. She will take charge of organizing your appointment according to your requests.

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