If you like to try new sensations, incorporating sex toys into your intimate relationships is an excellent option. It will allow you to have fun, stimulate your imagination and senses and even explore erogenous zones unknown to you.

sex barcelona
sex barcelona

Sex toys are not only a substitute for sex in couples, but are a perfect complement that, in your relationships, will provide more pleasure to you and your partner.
The orgasms caused by intimate toys are more intense and long-lasting.

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There are sex toys for both men and women. Besides, there are them for both of us at the same time.
For men, the most commonly used are vibrators, prostate massagers or oral sex simulators. And for women, clitoral stimulators, vaginal and anal vibrators, as well as Chinese balls.

Another type of elements to play in bed are erotic board games, where you have to follow rules and roles. It’s very exciting and tempting.

Also the lubricants, gels and sensual creams are ideal to contribute to the sexual relation an extra game. There are those with aromas and flavours of strawberry, drinks, with cold or heat effects, etc. They provide hydration and reach orgasm in a more pleasant way.

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