The Arab Haimas are shops used as temporary shelters for nomads in the Far East.  With this philosophy is born Grupo Haima Barcelona. Instants of security, moments of relaxation, people looking for fun and comfortable moments from time to time, make it perfectly reflect Haima’s definition in the form of a metaphor.

Our group is recognized as the largest sexual entertainment group in Barcelona. With 5 locations and more than 10 years of experience in the sector, Haima Barcelona focuses its efforts on providing its visitors with the maximum pleasure in all senses, physical and sensory, so that their premises continue to be recognized as the most attractive and complete in the city of Barcelona.

All our premises are licensed by the Barcelona City Council, so we carry out our activity with total security and in this way we are credited as a group one hundred percent transparent and careful with the interests of all employees and collaborators of the company. Consult our FAQ if you need more information.

Haima Barcelona and its 5 gentlemen clubs are located in a perfect and central area of the city, the district of l’Eixample. These nightclubs are named after the name and number of each club. Urgell 150, Roma 122, Rosellón 315, Numancia 12 y Muntaner 101. Each location can accommodate any type of audience that is worth its salt, but also, we intend to provide each space with a different personality with the intention of giving more opportunity to our public in terms of the environment.

Our clubs have perfect facilities, a modern musical atmosphere, a wide range of drinks and, above all, a perfectly qualified staff to give you the best moments of fantasy and fun.

At Haima Barcelona we are absolutely clear that the escorts who collaborate with us deserve all our support, care and attention. That is why Haima has the largest number of female companions of any entertainment group in Barcelona. Our employees know and feel that Haima provides them with any attention and comfort they may need when carrying out their activity. Of course, Haima provides them with a high level of safety at work and at all levels. Working at Haima means having luxury rooms, abundant clients at all times, total and essential freedom of entry and exit from the facilities, working tools, healthcare and other aspects that make the people who work at Haima a great success. Escorts who want to practice in the city, come to our gentlemen clubs.