Escorts service in Barcelona

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If you are looking for an escort agency in Barcelona, ​​in Haima we have more than 150 escorts available in our 5 clubs throughout the Eixample in Barcelona.

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Why choose a nightclub in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a city full of movement, very popular thanks to its nights of party, tourist places, festivals and fairs such as the Mobile World Congress or Primavera Sound. Endless possibilities of restaurants and leisure complete the night of Barcelona. Clubs, pubs and of course, nightclubs or alternative places. Haima in this case has the widest range of escorts in Barcelona with its 5 nightclubs where more than 150 escorts can satisfy even the most demanding lover.

Why should I choose a Haima company girl?

Our girls, educated, elegant and discreet, can be the best of your companies to walk your arm wherever you are and end the party where you want. Dinners, parties, conventions, high standing commitments that require a company at the event level. Choose the one that best suits your profile and worry only about enjoying your time with her.

What services does an escort? How is the escort service in Barcelona?

Enjoy the Girl Friend Experience service if you need more attention from our girls, in addition to ask them for all the services and fantasies you want to fulfill. Or maybe you want to go a step further and enjoy the Porn Star Experience? You can be the daddy of the youngest if you wish, or simply receive a great massage after an erotic shower in our jacuzzi after a day of meetings. Costumes, fetishes, erotic toys, sado or copro … Everything is possible with our Haima escorts.

How can I hire the services of an escort?

You just have to contact us or call directly the telephone number that appears in the profile of each lady. We are sure that you will find a chord to what you need. We know your needs and for that reason we have a wide range of escorts to satisfy all your sexual fantasies.

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How can I know if I’m going to have a good time with one of your girls?

We will leave you one of the opinions that a client left in one of the platforms that we participate. Judge for yourself the service of one of your companions ….

“”… (the escort) goes for some sheets, and I go taking off clothes, she tells me that she is going to take a shower, so we shower together, I like showers in company. Previously I help her to remove the bra, and 2 beautiful breasts are exposed, that I eat them. In the shower I lathe her, she does the same with my penis, jerking me off, kisses, more kisses, various ruffles. We dry off, and go to bed. More kisses, rubbing her breasts, her buttocks, she goes down, and after the shower, she was more than hard, she runs her tongue for a moment, and she puts the condom on me. I tell her not to put it on, and she says he does it with a condom, Jooo!
Well …, we will adapt. She starts to suck it, she swallows all. The feeling is not the same as without a condom, but she made me very hard. I tell her that if she continues like this, I will not last much, she goes faster. And I came in her mouth (with the condom). Great!!!
She helps me to clean myself, and we rest a little, we talk about some things, cuddling the 2 attached, taking her beautiful breasts, and we begin to kiss again on the neck (that she likes). A television passes porn all the time, although we do not pay too much attention to it.
More kisses, she slides a hand and starts to jerk off. She goes down, and she runs her tongue over the tip, and almost without realizing it, she puts the condom on me, I have not heard. She mounts me first, she moves very well, I rub her buttocks, she throws herself on me and I like her tits. We changed to 4, I love the vision of her ass, a very nice ass, while I penetrate her, I guess, she likes it. She stretches herself completely, and I over her, kissing us. It is great in this position.
We change to a missionary, she tells me to penetrate her faster, we kiss, while I am penetrating her, she is touching her clitoris. It excites me, she tells me to continue, that faster. And in this position, I cum. Great !! We kissed. I stay a few seconds inside her, enjoying the moment. We are somewhat hot, so we take a last shower together. We dress. 2 kisses, and even another. I had a great time, a lovely woman, very kind and affectionate. I repeat for sure!