Sexual fantasies in Barcelona

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Sexual fantasies are there to fulfill them.

Haima has the best girls to let your imagination fly and fulfill your sexual fantasies.

fantasías sexuales

Fetishes, games, threesomes, orgies, What sexual fantasies do you prefer?

What is your fetish? Do you want to experiment with erotic toys? Do you want to play with two girls at the same time in a jacuzzi? Three? Do you want to meet our sugar girls? All sexual fantasies can be fulfilled with us. The Haima girls can satisfy all your wishes. We have more than 150 minds with great imagination willing to find out where your limit is.


My sexual fantasy is to make an orgy in Barcelona

It is one of the most common sexual fantasies. The curiosity of having sex with several girls at once puts horny to anybody. Without fear of having to “take the step” if not for your complete adoration, the girls will take care of you and your desires. Does not it turn you on that two girls kiss each other in front of you knowing that the next one to join the party will be you? That is another of the most recurrent sexual fantasies among Haima girls. And they love to know that they have the power of seduction with their partners, a naked body with a naked body, to later end up on top of yours.

What if my fantasy is a massage with a happy ending?

You are in the ideal place. You can do it if it is what you want. Would you like a roleplay? Girls who perform erotic massages make your experience completely relaxing and ecstatic. Not only in our clubs but also in your hotel. Imagine that you are in your hotel and like someone who asks for a dessert at the reception, you ask the girl of your dreams to perform an erotic massage in your room to end with a happy ending. You know what we mean, right? Who will not want to realize that sexual fantasy? In Haima we have call girls: company girls who can visit you at the hotel of your choice or, if you prefer, in your own home, between your sheets so you can keep even better memories.

sado sexo

My sexual fantasy: I want to be Christian Gray

Have you realized? Many of the girls since the appearance of “50 Shades of Gray”, puts them super horny to perform bondage: soft practices of sado with rope, a couple of well calculated whips, pleas for freedom in your arms, … they also have their sexual fantasies : they will be at your mercy seeking the pleasure of their master.

Sexual fantasies for all ages

If you feel like it, we have the best mature women in Barcelona who can punish you if that’s what you’re most into. Do you prefer to meet the younger Haima Girls? Our sugar girls will pose as schoolgirls or confused youngsters who will discover pleasure thanks to your experience and your gifts.
Everything is possible with our girls. Sexual fantasies with escorts? You just have to choose from your sexual fantasies to carry them out. You have no excuse. We are willing to everything.

Read experience of one of our lucky ones published in a Barcelona forum …

Domingo, I had a terrible afternoon but I still had a lot of backlog in the PC of my house, I was very overwhelmed and I wanted to relax a little. And I’m learning that a fucker like me goes off hunting.
The last time I went to the club Roma meant a pretty good experience. So, clear: I had to go there.
Well, that’s when I ask for a Budweisser and I see that there is only one girl at this moment … she is a black woman … She turns to me on as soon as she looks at me with those eyes, we introduce ourselves and that I have already decided for her, Sonia. I assure you that it is difficult to find a better girl for 60 an hour, … She is tall and has a precious body, very stylized …. She is the first authentic African that would fuck me, finally,  dream come true: I get her.