Hostess club in Barcelona

The brothels in Barcelona where the owners of other brothels have their parties

IMPORTANT INFO: All the models you see in the pictures on Haima's website are real and are available to meet them in the Haimas. Book now.

What is Haima?

Although the RAE defines the concept of Jaima* as: - “Bell tent of the nomadic peoples of North Africa”; we are going to embrace a definition that seems to us much more accurate:

HAIMA: “Temporary shelter where you can recover and create your moments of fun, relaxation, fantasy and disconnection.”

Our goal is to solve the need that so many people have to fulfill their most intimate desires. In many occasions, sex is something complicated to get in a society like today's, so we offer a healthy and necessary service in a safe environment. Our haimas are brothels licensed by the City Council of Barcelona to be able to exercise this activity within a legal framework.

Our philosophy is characterized by trying to reach as many people as possible regardless of their economic status, so we have established a really tight rates so that no one is left without enjoying life; unlike other stripclubs in Barcelona where they charge stratospheric prices just to access, Haima always offers free admission.

We take care of you and we show it to you in several ways.

FREE PICK UP SERVICE: We bring you from wherever you tell us in the city to any of our haimas so you don't have to drive. Have a drink without worrying. No commitment, no conditions.

YOU SET YOUR SPENDING LIMIT: We know that sometimes it is easy to get carried away, so you yourself (before starting the party) can set the limit of what you want to spend and we will abide by it because we want you to have the confidence to come back every week.

That said, we want you to know our whorehouses (as they are colloquially called) where you will find escort girls with whom you can chat, have fun and if you connect, go as far as your body asks for.

Remember that we do not close any day, at any time you have the doors open.

Haima School

Discover our didactic side and learn everything you need to know about prostitution.

Do you want to start working as a call girl and want some tips from other girls?

Do you want to know what does it mean to make a white kiss or a white kiss?

​Do you want to learn how to work as an escort club manager?