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The largest group gentlemens club in Barcelona

Haima is an important group of alternating venues with luxury escorts in Barcelona. All our nightclubs in Barcelona have administrative licenses necessary in this type of activity to ensure the best alternative service to clients.

In our appointment houses very close to the center of Barcelona Muntaner 101, Numancia12, Roussillon 315, Urgell 150, Rome 122 and the Club Calipso in Mataró you will find the pleasure you are looking for, with total comfort and discretion, accompanied by a selection of escorts of high standing in Barcelona.

Come in and meet the girls waiting for you in our clubs in Barcelona and Mataró.

More than 150 escort girls offer their services as whores and escorts in Barcelona in our premises located in the center of the city with rates from 40€.

Young and ardent, exuberant Latin, great breasts, beautiful girls of the east, whores of high standing of bodies of scandal…

The best selection of girls who offer their escort services and luxury escort in Barcelona.

You can call for telephone to reserve appointment with an escort and consultations or, better, you can come directly to the Club that you wish to have a drink and to know some of the girls that are always available in the place.


Come to any of our 5 gentlemen’s clubs in the center of Barcelona: Muntaner 101 , Numancia 12 , Rosellon 315, Urgell 150 and Roma 122 where beautiful escorts of luxury offer their services to you, with total comfort and discretion.


C/ Comte d'Urgell, 150 (Barcelona)

Gentlemen Club in the center of Barcelona, fuses beauty and luxury with efficiency and good customer service.


C/ Numancia, 12 (Barcelona)

Gentlemens Club located in the center of Barcelona, fuses beauty and luxury with efficiency and good customer service.

ROMA 122

C/ Av. de Roma, 122 (Barcelona)

Gentlemen Club located in the center of Barcelona, fuses discrection and luxury with efficiency and good customer service.


Ctra. NII – KM.642 (Mataró)

The biggest brothel in Barcelona, 30 rooms, parking, pool…beautys escorts


C/ Rosselló, 315 (Barcelona)

Strip Club located in the center of Barcelona, fuses beauty and luxury with a good customer service.


C/ Muntaner, 101 (Barcelona)

Gentlemens Club located in the center of Barcelona with pool, fuses beauty and luxury with efficiency and good customer service.


Come to any of our 5 clubs of alterne in the center of Barcelona: Muntaner 101 , Numancia 12 , Roussillon 315, Urgell 150 and Roma 122 where beautiful call girls in Barcelona of luxury offer their services to you, with total comfort and discretion.

You can also visit the Club Calipso in Mataró, the largest brothels in Barcelona, with 30 rooms, swimming pool, parking, … and a selection of girls very, very special company.

Grupo Haima is the most important gentlemen’s clubs group in Barcelona and the one that offers you the most nightlife. The best equipped facilities with the best company in a tour of all our premises.


All the prostitutes and luxury escorts in Barcelona that you will find in the Haima clubs are over 18 years old, they offer their services in our 5 nightclubs located in the Eixample of Barcelona. Escorts go out to hotels and homes in Barcelona, or special events. They live in Barcelona but are of multiple nationalities: young Latin, Spanish, beautiful Russian. You can find escort girls with natural tits or operated breasts, for trios and much more.

From any night to events in Barcelona such as the Mobile World Congress many men and women seek sex in Barcelona, so we choose to give them the best treatment, the best quality in our bars and the most professional escorts around the world.

All the girls in Haima nightclubs Barcelona perform their services in our clubs by their own will as collaborators and know how to make you feel in a harem of pleasures.

If you are looking for a local alternative or outcall girls Barcelona service you can call us or if you prefer to know our clubs with all discretion, luxury and pleasure with the best luxury escorts in Barcelona. We wait for you!

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There are few Uruguayan escorts, but they’re all gorgeous

In Barcelona, ​​among all sex professionals, Uruguayan escorts are one of the few that we can find. Born in a country in South America which is known for its green interior, coastline with beaches, and a capital called Montevideo; full of art deco buildings, colonial houses, and many steakhouses. The closest reference for citizens of this country in Barcelona is Luis Suarez, who, until just a couple of days ago, was one of the most important players within Barcelona’s football club and now plays for Atlético de Madrid. Now that he is gone, we have the Uruguayan escorts that, although they are few, they all are impressively beautiful.We can find them natural blondes, with green eyes, or brunettes with long black hair and light eyes. Like the Argentinians, they are descendants of Europeans. Mixing those genes along with the Latino ones gives a superb result in beauty which they defend until the bitter end.I have been able to be with some, and the truth is that they are very sweet, kind, and hypnotizing. The accent is very similar as the Argentinian, as it envelops you as if it were a spider web and does not let you out.In sex they are very active, just like the northern Latinas, and are extremely polite when it comes to showing themselves as companions or on their outings. They all are very regionalists and, if you happen to confuse them or tell them that they from Argentina, the Third World War is declared on the spot. They defend their identity and their Uruguayan pride a lot.Their faces have nothing to envy to the top models. They have very fine profiles, noble look, and sparkles in their eyes which they conquer you in the first second of meeting them, you can imagine the rest.In summary, if you like beautiful, educated, and elegant women, Uruguayan escorts are your best choice. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

Passionate about Argentine escorts

It is known by many that Argentina is seen as the little Europe within Latin America. For a long while, the perception was that the country was much more than a part of South America, both in relation to the world and to the region.In the case of sex professionals in Barcelona, ​​Argentinian escorts also differ much more from those neighboring the southern country. Many with Italian or European surnames are distinguished by their beauty and by their body, a mixture of European and Latin.Blondes or "brunettes" (as they say to those with black hair) tend to have long and thick legs, good butts, perfect figures, and faces which are similar to Western Europeans.The accent is one of the weapons they have when it comes to reeling any client in, that original and so melodious touch, once it gets into your head, it doesn't come out of there anymore. They are like the rest of Latinas, loving, affectionate, cuddly, and very accommodating. They like sex and are open to all kinds of relationships.Feeling European, their style and way of dressing is usually the one that marks the big firms that rule world fashion and that are in the old continent. They are understanding and polite during their job. As companions, they perform very well, but they are capable of everything.Argentinian escorts prefer regular customers and therefore most are independent or work from their flats with previously agreed appointments. Guaranteeing the bridal treatment that is undoubtedly the main objective in order to attract as many clients as possible.They are undoubtedly the fusion between the best of Europeans and the best of Latinas and, of course, a new goal for me, in these times where the coronavirus does not stop the desire to have good sex with Argentinian escorts.

Dominican escorts with the flavor of the Caribbean

If you are one of those who likes summer, heat, the beach, and the Caribbean atmosphere, you are in luck, because in Barcelona you will be able to find multiple Dominican escorts who will make you fly to the Caribbean without even leaving the Mediterranean sea.Dominican escorts have always been a group which have remained as one of the most numerous. They are always among the 5 types of women preferred by clients and almost all end up residing for life in Spain.Either because of that cheerful character that characterizes them or because of their way of seeing life, the truth is that they are chosen by the most passionate lovers. Dark-haired, mulatto, and also white, Caribbean women always put that particular touch that drives many men crazy.They are mostly open to all kinds of services and are very dedicated, as well as sugar-minded, fiery, and lovers of good sex. They are insatiable and they love having sex at all times in any kind of places, that's why at any time they are willing to give you all the pleasure you want and much more, because they also like to be pleased.We can find them from young to mature, but with a lot of experience and things to give. Most work in locals or hostess clubs and now, due to Coronavirus taking a heavy hold on the cities, some have gone to flats to work independently while some others remain faithful to their principles, waiting at home for everything to normalize.The fact that they are active, partying and in many cases boisterous, many clients like, since in those moments of pleasure they put that touch of living blood and happiness that is always appreciated.That is why to have a different, exciting, very active, and good time with a Caribbean atmosphere, there is nothing better than a date with some Dominican escorts, who in Barcelona are the protagonists of many unforgettable parties.