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The largest group gentlemens club in Barcelona

Haima is an important group of alternating venues with luxury escorts in Barcelona. All our nightclubs in Barcelona have administrative licenses necessary in this type of activity to ensure the best alternative service to clients.

In our appointment houses very close to the center of Barcelona Muntaner 101, Numancia12, Roussillon 315, Urgell 150, Rome 122 and the Club Calipso in Mataró you will find the pleasure you are looking for, with total comfort and discretion, accompanied by a selection of escorts of high standing in Barcelona.

Come in and meet the girls waiting for you in our clubs in Barcelona and Mataró.

More than 150 escort girls offer their services as whores and escorts in Barcelona in our premises located in the center of the city with rates from 40€.

Young and ardent, exuberant Latin, great breasts, beautiful girls of the east, whores of high standing of bodies of scandal…

The best selection of girls who offer their escort services and luxury escort in Barcelona.

You can call for telephone to reserve appointment with an escort and consultations or, better, you can come directly to the Club that you wish to have a drink and to know some of the girls that are always available in the place.


Come to any of our 5 gentlemen’s clubs in the center of Barcelona: Muntaner 101 , Numancia 12 , Rosellon 315, Urgell 150 and Roma 122 where beautiful escorts of luxury offer their services to you, with total comfort and discretion.


C/ Comte d'Urgell, 150 (Barcelona)

Gentlemen Club in the center of Barcelona, fuses beauty and luxury with efficiency and good customer service.


C/ Numancia, 12 (Barcelona)

Gentlemens Club located in the center of Barcelona, fuses beauty and luxury with efficiency and good customer service.

ROMA 122

C/ Av. de Roma, 122 (Barcelona)

Gentlemen Club located in the center of Barcelona, fuses discrection and luxury with efficiency and good customer service.


Ctra. NII – KM.642 (Mataró)

The biggest brothel in Barcelona, 30 rooms, parking, pool…beautys escorts


C/ Rosselló, 315 (Barcelona)

Strip Club located in the center of Barcelona, fuses beauty and luxury with a good customer service.


C/ Muntaner, 101 (Barcelona)

Gentlemens Club located in the center of Barcelona with pool, fuses beauty and luxury with efficiency and good customer service.


Come to any of our 5 clubs of alterne in the center of Barcelona: Muntaner 101 , Numancia 12 , Roussillon 315, Urgell 150 and Roma 122 where beautiful call girls in Barcelona of luxury offer their services to you, with total comfort and discretion.

You can also visit the Club Calipso in Mataró, the largest brothels in Barcelona, with 30 rooms, swimming pool, parking, … and a selection of girls very, very special company.

Grupo Haima is the most important gentlemen’s clubs group in Barcelona and the one that offers you the most nightlife. The best equipped facilities with the best company in a tour of all our premises.


All the prostitutes and luxury escorts in Barcelona that you will find in the Haima clubs are over 18 years old, they offer their services in our 5 nightclubs located in the Eixample of Barcelona. Escorts go out to hotels and homes in Barcelona, or special events. They live in Barcelona but are of multiple nationalities: young Latin, Spanish, beautiful Russian. You can find escort girls with natural tits or operated breasts, for trios and much more.

From any night to events in Barcelona such as the Mobile World Congress many men and women seek sex in Barcelona, so we choose to give them the best treatment, the best quality in our bars and the most professional escorts around the world.

All the girls in Haima nightclubs Barcelona perform their services in our clubs by their own will as collaborators and know how to make you feel in a harem of pleasures.

If you are looking for a local alternative or outcall girls Barcelona service you can call us or if you prefer to know our clubs with all discretion, luxury and pleasure with the best luxury escorts in Barcelona. We wait for you!

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Are Brazilian escorts the most complete?

The exotic beauty of most Brazilian escorts is a hallmark that characterizes them. Whether it is for a natural physique, for one molded in the gym or manufactured by the surgeon, the truth is that it is the sex professionals who attract the most attention. If we add the accent and that contagious way of talking, it is that you can even melt.All this is very good and of course it adds up when it comes to preferring a type of girl, but what makes her the most complete is that for the most part, almost all of them like anal sex, or at least they don't put any I hesitate to do it.And I can affirm this on a solid basis from my experience with various Brazilian escorts here in Barcelona. At least in my case, everyone with whom I have been performs anal sex or better known as "Greek". This is a service that almost all of us like, I don't know if because of the morbidity that this gives, or because of the difficulty, what I do know, that all sex professionals that include anal sex within their services, are more sought after Although in the end due to lack of time or whatever, they don't do it, but they sure work.There are many who really enjoy it, even much more than vaginal sex, or the other normal positions. It will be that being much more active, hotter and more temperamental, anal sex excites them much more, just like those who like sex a little stronger. And if we go to those that by webcam also do their work, then there are no limits in terms of sizes and shapes of the toys they use for their exhibitions.For all this and more, without a doubt, Brazilian escorts, having this type of service within their offers, are at the forefront of the rest.

Romanian escorts, the owners of pleasure

Beyond the labels that we always put on people or groups, Romanian escorts are no different from Latinas. Either because of the language that is a Romance language or because of the forms, prostitutes in this country have gained a lot of ground in other sectors.Used to seeing them in clubs or on the streets, now they are making a niche for themselves in the luxury or high standing sector. Young, tall and with the figure of top models, many are already distancing themselves from that idea that is had in Barcelona and are the claim of clients with a high level, in luxury hotels or in their own homes.Services have also changed and apparently it is due to a trend, that of taking their work seriously, being much more accommodating, mastering more languages ​​and reaching that select group of clients who are looking for something different from what professionals have always offered. of this region.Their prices are higher than the average and apparently they know how to do their job very well. They are all independent, and also invest in their image, whether physical, or within the internet portals that host their ads, with a well-thought-out text, nothing vulgar, more than companions and suggestive images, but never showing too much, leaving much more to the imagination.These Romanian escorts are very attractive and selective women, they do not accept any type of client, that is why their prices are much higher and they are already the direct competition of Russian women who are characterized by being of high standing.The objective is the same, to give the maximum to attract and keep its clients and to become the absolute owners of pleasure in the city of Barcelona. The Romanian escorts, they have put the batteries and with them the level has undoubtedly increased, especially for those who can give themselves those tastes.

I love Mexican escorts

Although it is not a very large group in Barcelona, ​​you can find some Mexican escorts available to satisfy sexual desires.One of the ways to find them is through advertisements on sex portals and as I woke up today wanting to eat nachos with guacamole, we are going in search of one.It was to enter one of those websites and Mar first appeared to me, a 25-year-old girl who says she combines company services with her studies. She defines herself as passionate, elegant, sophisticated and with a lot of distinction and although her photos showed a more than convincing image, in her ad she insists and explains a little about everything she can offer and that is where the good thing is.She commented that she would receive me in a very sexy lingerie to warm up the atmosphere and the truth is that the curves that are appreciated in the photos, with these garments the temperature would rise everywhere. I would continue talking a bit to get to know each other better and to break the ice, and when the time comes, I would be so comfortable and relaxed that I can get everything I have inside - I suppose it is more than money.She insists that there is nothing better than doing it with a professional like her, a delicious and wild lover who will make me surrender to the most intense pleasure. That his body is a temple of absolute satisfaction and he wants me to penetrate it with everything I have, a thousand times if necessary, so that I can have a great time just by his side, and he continues to specify all the services she performs and that gives you a more global idea of ​​what an encounter with her can be.In honor of the truth, what I can admit is that apart from being beautiful, this representative of Mexican escorts in Barcelona has a high cultural level, good spelling and a good narrative, qualities that I appreciate and added to what your photos show there is no doubt that it will be a good meeting. So I'll get going and then I'll tell you how it went with one of the most interesting Mexican escorts I've seen.