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Haima is an important group of alternating venues with luxury escorts in Barcelona. All our nightclubs in Barcelona have administrative licenses necessary in this type of activity to ensure the best alternative service to clients.

In our appointment houses very close to the center of Barcelona Muntaner 101, Numancia12, Roussillon 315, Urgell 150, Rome 122 and the Club Calipso in Mataró you will find the pleasure you are looking for, with total comfort and discretion, accompanied by a selection of escorts of high standing in Barcelona.

Come in and meet the girls waiting for you in our clubs in Barcelona and Mataró.

More than 150 escort girls offer their services as whores and escorts in Barcelona in our premises located in the center of the city with rates from 50€.

Young and ardent, exuberant Latin, great breasts, beautiful girls of the east, whores of high standing of bodies of scandal…

The best selection of girls who offer their escort services and luxury escort in Barcelona.

You can call for telephone to reserve appointment with an escort and consultations or, better, you can come directly to the Club that you wish to have a drink and to know some of the girls that are always available in the place.


Come to any of our 5 gentlemen’s clubs in the center of Barcelona: Muntaner 101 , Numancia 12 , Rosellon 315, Urgell 150 and Roma 122 where beautiful escorts of luxury offer their services to you, with total comfort and discretion.


C/ Comte d'Urgell, 150 (Barcelona)

Gentlemen Club in the center of Barcelona, fuses beauty and luxury with efficiency and good customer service.


C/ Numancia, 12 (Barcelona)

Gentlemens Club located in the center of Barcelona, fuses beauty and luxury with efficiency and good customer service.

ROMA 122

C/ Av. de Roma, 122 (Barcelona)

Gentlemen Club located in the center of Barcelona, fuses discrection and luxury with efficiency and good customer service.


Ctra. NII – KM.642 (Mataró)

The biggest brothel in Barcelona, 30 rooms, parking, pool…beautys escorts


C/ Rosselló, 315 (Barcelona)

Strip Club located in the center of Barcelona, fuses beauty and luxury with a good customer service.


C/ Muntaner, 101 (Barcelona)

Gentlemens Club located in the center of Barcelona with pool, fuses beauty and luxury with efficiency and good customer service.


Come to any of our 5 clubs of alterne in the center of Barcelona: Muntaner 101 , Numancia 12 , Roussillon 315, Urgell 150 and Roma 122 where beautiful call girls in Barcelona of luxury offer their services to you, with total comfort and discretion.

You can also visit the Club Calipso in Mataró, the largest brothels in Barcelona, with 30 rooms, swimming pool, parking, … and a selection of girls very, very special company.

Grupo Haima is the most important gentlemen’s clubs group in Barcelona and the one that offers you the most nightlife. The best equipped facilities with the best company in a tour of all our premises.


All the prostitutes and luxury escorts in Barcelona that you will find in the Haima clubs are over 18 years old, they offer their services in our 5 nightclubs located in the Eixample of Barcelona. Escorts go out to hotels and homes in Barcelona, or special events. They live in Barcelona but are of multiple nationalities: young Latin, Spanish, beautiful Russian. You can find escort girls with natural tits or operated breasts, for trios and much more.

From any night to events in Barcelona such as the Mobile World Congress many men and women seek sex in Barcelona, so we choose to give them the best treatment, the best quality in our bars and the most professional escorts around the world.

All the girls in Haima nightclubs Barcelona perform their services in our clubs by their own will as collaborators and know how to make you feel in a harem of pleasures.

If you are looking for a local alternative or outcall girls Barcelona service you can call us or if you prefer to know our clubs with all discretion, luxury and pleasure with the best luxury escorts in Barcelona. We wait for you!

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Secrets of Latin escorts in Barcelona

As in every profession, Latin escorts in Barcelona also have their tricks to be one of the favorites among clients and regulars of sex. Whether in a physical or mental way, each specialty has its secrets and in the case of Latin escorts in Barcelona, ​​seduction and sensuality play a leading role. It is known to all that Latin women, either because of the same mixture of races, because of the high temperatures that exist in these countries, or because of a matter of idiosyncrasy, the truth is that they know how to penetrate much more in the depths of preference. and customer feelings. Another factor to play is the accents, which depending on each country or region are more or less melodious, but without a doubt they sweeten you or at least trap you. Always treating you like you were her boyfriend of a lifetime. And that's another secret, they never treat clients as strangers -which is really what they are-, and the client from the first minute has the feeling of knowing her for a lifetime, without ever having seen her before. It only remains to evaluate which country is more mellow than another, for example, Colombians are quite mellow, then perhaps Venezuelans, Brazilians, the Caribbean, and then those from the rest of South America will follow. Fundamental secret is that they perform almost all the services, the goal; not lose a potential customer, although like everything, those special services still cost a little more. These secrets make the other sex professionals try to imitate these attitudes and thus enter into the options that clients who love Latin escorts in Barcelona always look for and for those they are preferred, although as we all know, each one has their own pleasures.

I fell in love with a Canarian escort

In the years that I lived on the island of Gran Canarias, I was able to verify first-hand that the women of those islands, also called “Canarionas”, are among the most beautiful in all of Spain, proof of this are some misses that have represented the patio national in beauty pageants. One of the things that I miss the most in those parts, is precisely the way of being of Canarian women, who are the perfect mixture of Latin and European.What was my surprise when browsing the internet from Barcelona, ​​I found an ad for Fernanda, a spectacular young Canarian escort, with a beauty never seen before. What surprised me the most was the description of your ad that if it is true, it would be the dream of a lifetime come true.She points out in her claim to attract clients that she is a 25-year-old Canarian escort, super horny and she loves anal sex - just with this little phrase, she conquers the entire universe and beyond, we continue-, She says that the "French" She makes it natural - that is, bareback - playing with the milk in her little mouth, she also likes deep throats. She defines herself as a girl of stronger sex, which turns her on and drives her crazy.Something that she does not specify but that in her photos shows very well, are her large natural breasts with that space between breast and breast, ideal for a perfect "Cuban", or an unforgettable "French tie". Your nipples are sure to be more powerful than any other force of nature.And to top it off, emulating women from other times, she doesn't wax and the pubis is covered in beautiful blacks, very rare to see in these times, when almost all professionals don't have them, which she says is the most natural of all.I already wrote to him and he guaranteed that his photos are real and that it is the same that appears in the advertisement, so I am already saying goodbye, because I can confess that I have fallen in love with a Canarian escort, who I will go to conquer right now.

Dreaming every day of Colombian whores

At bedtime, there is nothing better than dreaming of pleasant things, so that at least in those hours we forget all this crisis and the great economic disasters that it is costing us. So my infallible method is to dream of the best Colombian whores I have ever met, been with, or would like to be with.That's why before going to bed I go online and check the ads of all the Colombian whores who are very good, to remember those already known or write down the new ones that are yet to be seen.The offer is really very wide, you just have to fix your search and hundreds of women come out, almost all of them impressive, with good curves and angelic faces. An example of this is Sara, a 20-year-old Colombian, with whom I was able to be not long ago and what characterizes her the most is how multi-orgasmic she turns out to be, with an immense butt, with which she prefers that you please her with a good " Greek ”and a face impossible to forget.There is also Cameron, beautiful and statuesque with large operated breasts, her ideal curves and a large and ideal mouth for the "French" she does, it really is her greatest weapon and the one she uses a lot. Then I discovered Estrella, that although I do not know her, if I would like to merge with her in what sex and passion are about, with a beautiful face, a body with perfect curves, lover of oral and anal sex, partying at the top and the best of everything, which claims to be available 24 hours a day, so with it there are no time problems.And in the end, in order to dream beautifully, I found Lulú, the sweetest and hottest of Colombian whores, with curves that scare you and very complete in all her services. As you can see, I already have enough information to be able to have a good dream, and above all very pleasant with spectacular women that I already know and with the new ones that it will not take me long to meet and make my dream come true.