All the escorts that appear in our catalogue are real escort girls who offer their escort services in our clubs. Our Barcelona Escorts are girls discreet and educated, they work in a totally independent way, choosing to be part of our group in order to give their services in our gentlemen’s group.

We have a wide variety of national and international escorts and with all kinds of physical and personality characteristics. Click on each profile to learn more about each one. Their purpose is to satisfy the sexual desires of both men and women, always with elegance, sensuality and a lot of morbidity.

Our call girls and escorts in Barcelona are over 18 years old and offer service in our 5 clubs located in the heart of Barcelona. They can also come to you wherever you are, we have escorts at home, escorts to hotels, event or dinner companions, or anything else you need.

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Our Escorts in Barcelona

Escorts Barcelona: pure addiction

Since parties in discotheques, company dinners, fairs in Barcelona like el Mobile World Congress: many men and women are looking for sex in the city, that's why we chose to give them the luxury treatment they deserve, top brands of drinks, and the most professional escorts Barcelona. All Haima girls are willingly engaged as prostitutes, escorts and luxury whores. If you are looking for nightclubs or escorts Barcelona to your hotel or home, do not hesitate to contact us. Luxury and pleasure await you with Haima.

How can I hire the services of an escort in Barcelona?

If you need an escort in Barcelona, just contact us or call us directly at the phone number that appears on each girl's profile. We're sure you'll find a match to what you need. We know your needs and we have a wide range of possibilities to satisfy all your sexual fantasies.

Massages with a happy ending?

It really exists and you can make it happen if you want to... How would you like a roleplay? Imagine you are in your hotel and as if you asked for a delicacy at the reception desk, you would ask for the girl of your dreams to give you a relaxing massage in your room to finish with a happy ending? At Haima we have call girls: escort girls who can visit you in the hotel of your choice or, if you prefer, in your own home, between your sheets so that you can keep even better memories.

How to book an escort to hotel in Barcelona?

To request this type of service, we recommend you to contact us beforehand so that the girl chosen to do this type of service -not all of them do- can visit you at her place of accommodation. These visits are from one hour up to the duration that the client wishes. Usually the payment is always in advance and this way you have the opportunity to have in a discreet way the visit of a beautiful escort within the comfort of your surroundings.

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Mature or young escorts. Which one are you staying with?

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As far as tastes are concerned, there is nothing written, especially in sex. In fact, it is not only a question of physical preferences, but also of age or attitude.
In this case, we are talking about the attraction one can have to mature or young women.

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The best whores at home in Barcelona at your fingertips

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If you want to have sex with beautiful women, with bodies of scandal and be able to practice all kinds of sexual practices, today you will find a magnificent selection of whores in Barcelona who offer their services in alternative clubs, like Haima.

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What an escort can do to put you at 100

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Men, like women, have many erogenous points that cause excitement, which well worked can put you at 100 before penetrating it.

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Enjoy the hottest anal sex with whores in Barcelona

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Although anal sex can be a big stranger to some, it actually offers equal or more pleasure than vaginal sex. In fact, it is one of the most requested sexual fantasies by men.